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    what i did to her, seeeee....
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    @JayZ thanks man, fantastic!
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    ... pinned !!!!!!

    Thanks @JayZ for that great guide
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    [EDIT: After more discussion, this issue seems to be a much more common issue for new badge-crafters starting to craft with cycles than I originally indicated in the post.

    This guide is an awesome resource. Thanks @JayZ! Much Love! Also, please feel free to let me know if anything below seems whack, or can be improved and I'll fix it.

    TLDR; If you can't locate your position in the 2 cycles shown in this guide, you probably started in one of the six regions that is not mapped in this guide. It relatively easy to jump cycles on accident if you are just randomly crafting.... It will fix itself...If you stick to ONLY the "one of each" recipe, not mixing tiers, you will eventually get back on the cycles shown here.



    (if this post doesn't help you; go to the discord badge channel where tons of experts are; it's where I got help with this. it's in the link below)
    - YOU ARE NEW TO CYCLES and you are...
    - BETWEEN 6-ish TO 18-ish BADGES INTO YOUR TESTING, (possibly could persist above 18?)



    - YOU NEVER CRAFTED ANY BADGES PRIOR TO TESTING WITH THE "ONE EACH" RECIPE (e.g., followed the guide right away at lvl15)
    - YOU WERE CRAFTING BADGES WITH OTHER RECIPES FIRST (because "one each" can not trigger this issue)
    (90% sure on those last two, but not 100%)

    This post describes one very specific problem which will make badge combines NOT follow a badge cycle on your initial test combines.. If you fit the description above, this issue MIGHT be causing your problem. Also, it might be something else causing similar symptoms, but I'd read this just in case, if you are having trouble initially.

    This issue is super easily resolved, so you at least want to rule-out this trivial (yet frustrating if unknown) cause before you give up on badge cycles, like I almost did. This issue only sucked until.... someone explained what was happening, which solved it completely. So, I'll do my best to pass along the explanation that others gave to me.

    The issue is caused by accidentally triggering an event you may want to intentionally trigger in the future (cycle switching). So this will happen to (only) the few unlucky, new-to-badge-crafting players that inadvertently do part two of JayZ's guide (trigger a cycle transition; unknowingly), prior to reading the guide and beginning test combines. Accidentally triggering it is statistically unlikely, which is why this issue will not occur for most players (very few hopefully; and hopefully not you), but it can happen; it did to me. I hit that exact jackpot of unluckiness, and if you do, the result will be that your test combines will generate random results that can't be located predictably on either cycle, which is extremely frustrating. Not understanding it, that randomness caused me to doubt the guide was accurate, and to doubt cycles even existed. However, I promise you that cycles are real, they work, and the guide is accurate. In fact, part two of the guide predicts the possibility of this issue when it explicitly states that triggering the transition will cause a period of seemingly random, off-cycle results (until you re-enter the other cycle). The only real problem was that, that implication of the guide wasn't real obvious to me as a noob doing random stuff that triggered it before I read it. I didn't KNOW that I had triggered anything, so as I did my test combines, I couldn't fathom WHY they never followed a cycle, much less expect them to be random, like the guide says they will be... during the transitional period (which I was in, and didn't know it). Since you will be doing it, like I did, accidentally, as big ole' nublet; you won't know that you triggered it and since you won't know WTF is going on, you will want to rage-quit badge crafting like I almost did (sadly, right when it's about to magically fix itself, start working, and pay-off huge)..

    Luckily!!! (for the unlucky!!!), If this happens to you, it is no big deal. In fact, IT FIXES ITSELF AUTOMATICALLY, so all you need to do is read this post, because... Understanding what's happening makes this a super obvious and easily handled issue... AFTER you understand it, it's literally not even a problem; it is simply a small delay compared to most players.

    REALIZING WHAT HAPPENED... IS THE FIX, after that, it simply requires you doing a few more combines than most payers will require to locate themselves on a cycle (the 5-6 indicated in the guide will be plenty for the majority of players bc they START testing while on one of the cycles). If you start your testing off-cycle (in the transition), you will need to do some additional combines up front to power through some random transitional results before you re-enter a cycle. Once you are back on cycle, where most players start, you will begin getting non-random results and then you can do the 5 or so on-cycle combines everyone needs to locate themselves with certainty.

    I actually needed about 18 combines (over triple the normal amount) to locate my position on a cycle; which consisted of around 12 to get out of transition/randomness and back on a cycle (these 12 combines were ones most players won't need, they generated the random results most players won't get). After powering through those 12 or so random combines, I was back on-cycle where most players start, but couldn't know it yet, because I still needed about 6 more non-random on-cycle results to see the cycle, know it wasn't random anymore, and locate myself (the last 6 on-cycle non-random results were the same ones every player needs; I just had to power through some random crap first to get there).

    POSSIBLE SILVER LININGS (to help you be less annoyed by the extra combines):
    1) You might be transitioning TO the 6 DR. If so, congrats on heading straight to where everyone wants to be.
    2) If you're transition, and re-enter where I did, on the 1DR side, you'll only be a few away from the DR, so you'll have that as a little party favor at least

    I HOPE THIS POST HELPS IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE UNLUCKY FEW, LIKE ME. If this wasn't your issue, sorry for the long-ass irrelevant post lol. Best thing you can do is get on the Discord (see linked post below).

    But... If you want more detail about the specifics of how this happened to me, the link is to my "cry for help" post, which I posted when I had no clue (yesterday, lol) that te cause was the simple issue I describe above, so I was basically about to throw in the towel, quit cycles, and just go full rando. It incudes spreadsheets of results if you are into that sort of stuff. Also has a link to the DIscord if you don't have it with a treasure trove of info and helpful players, and thank god for them because if you check the spreadsheet you'll see that simply knowing WTF was going on... only THREE combines from when I was about to ragequit cycles forever... led to... Great Success!!!

    LINK: https://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/42807/noob-needs-badge-cycle-help-data-for-7-combines-where-am-i#latest
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    JayZ said:

    Damage reduction from Iron Skin + Defensive Stance

    Could you post a section of formulas? For example, the chart shows IS and DS work multiplicatively. Makes sense since the description on DS says "increases by." Alternatively, as far as I know, all sources of damage reduction work additively, whether from multiple badges, iron skin, or tactical. Is this true? How about Eugene's LT--it says x% less chance, so am I to assume that it works multiplicatively with the armor stun resist trait, as in you'd need 50% from Eugene's LT and silver armor 50% stun resist to get to the max 75%? More complicated formulas like total damage calculations (as best as the community has figured out) would be good too.

    I know these are elsewhere in the forums, but it can be a pain to dig some of them up and I'm not always sure if a post from 2 years ago is still applicable today, whereas the compendium is more of a living document.
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    Awesome resource @JayZ. I recently started achieving about 1500 stars per week and can just about complete the Distance, but I felt my progress had started to stagnate. I always glance at the leaderboards in awe scratching my head wondering how players could possibly be earning 3000+ stars. When I stumbled upon this post, I recognised the guild name instantly and have been watching all your no frills walkthroughs avidly ever since (great stuff) and subscribed to your channel. I have had my eyes opened by the way you use Sasha, Abraham and Rufus, but what surprised me the most was how you use Scout Rick, Daryl and another scout or bruiser. I was never sure what traits were the best for all the classes so until a few months ago had not used any re-roll tokens, Eager to offer advice to my guild who had been asking me questions on the subject I went online and the only video I found on the subject was the one I listened to and promptly spent all my re-roll tokens. Unfortunately the advice was completely wrong and I have now completely messed up the traits of some of what should be my best players (Sasha, scout Daryl and Rick etc.) It will take me a long time to earn the re-roll tokens and hero tokens I need to fix these errors but I now have a fantastic resource in this post to gradually fix my survivors and eventually start moving forward in the game. This is a long post I know, but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this wealth of information and congratulate you on being such an amazing player.
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    If it is okay @JayZ I have some follow up questions.

    Obviously full offensive badge allocation is 3 x damage and 3 x crit damage and full defensive is 3.x health and 3 x DR but what badge allocation do you recommend for a balanced badge set of heroes such as Michonne and Jesus, and balanced warriors and scouts? Also where do you think critical chance badges are a good fit?

    Your description of traits (must have, nice to have and useless) for the different classes is awesome and is my new bible. Could you apply this system and post (must, nice, useless) to the best armour and shield combinations (silver, gold, gold).for the different survivor classes. I know the possibilities are endless, but I think the logic still applies such as the wide spread for assaults, wide arc for warriors and razor blade for scouts and warriors, but it is so rare to find a shield or weapon with all the right traits that this might be as important to how you spend reinforcement tokens as it is to hero weapons.

    Finally, I have been watching your videos and posts and trying to compile the 'must have' trait list for the hero survivors, but as your heroes evolve over time, we have no way of knowing if the survivor traits have achieved 'unicorn status' or if you are planning more re-rolls as you earn additional tokens. In some of your posts you are very specific about the traits that are necessary for certain roles for example Tara as a gate opener requiring Lucky, Iron Skin and Dodge. Have you created a list of must have, nice to have and useless traits for the 30 current heroes, and if so would it be possible to share?

    Once again thanks for sharing!
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    I would say for Critical Chance there are two considerations.

    Firstly, warriors have a better base critical chance than other classes (20%). Combined with a wide area weapon (the Dragon Tongue) and traits suitable for critical hits (Power Strike and Follow Through) it makes sense to boost the critical chance with one critical chance badge.

    For example my Jesus makes an average damage of 22.000 against a guaranteed body shot enemy with a gold crit chance badge. A CD badge of the same values would drop the average damage by 10% to a little bit under 20.000.

    See calculation below. Here with 3 Dmg + 3 CD badges

    With PowerStrike average damage goes up to 28.016

    And here with 3 DMG + 2 CD + 1 CC

    With PowerStrike average damage goes up to 32.519

    The other class that might benefit from critical chance badges are Shooters and Hunters. Again, especially if combined with Critical Aim and Sure Shot.

    Obivously you also should strive for having Lucky traits and equipment to further boost the critical chance.

    Edited to add that for scouts you want max damage as the charge builds up quickly and you need all the damage you can get to take down those tanks so I would not badge scouts with CC badges.

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    Dragon's tongue on a warrior only needs 2 charge points. That changes a lot.

    Powerstrike increases crit chances significantly. I wouldn't put a crit chance badge on a survivor already having sure-shot/powerstrike. Unless you want good chances after moving in the same turn.

    I don't think crit chance is useless. When piercing/razor kicks in, having a near guaranteed crit chance does help out a bit.

    For example:
    I still have sure-shot on Aaron, I don't have it on my other shooter that is better badged.
    Sometimes Aaron steals the show when piercing prevents the body-shot.
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    Yeah, there are a many considerations, and ultimately depends on your play style. I play a lot with HDaryl in lead, together with SRick and Jesus. This means Jesus will also prowl a lot, and he does a huge amount of critical hits, compared to Rick and Daryl. Consistently taking out walkers when prowling also means he charges up really fast.

    So you give up some max damage in exchange for a higher average damage. You need to decide which works better for you, but I disagree with blanket statements that critical chance badges are worthless.
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    Hey everyone, thanks for the many comments. Here are my responses to a lot of them:

    @DiElEl and @Johnny_B: Awesome! I'm so glad this guide has been helpful. My goal is to continue updating it. My next step is to build a more detailed "how to build this character" guide complete with details about traits, gear, and how traits interact with each other. You can see I started this for Bruisers, but this will be a more involved process. I think this should help answer your questions about which are the actual unicorn must-have traits.

    @VirtualSwayy thank you for sharing your badge crafting experience. I only skimmed your post, but am I correct that basically you are saying: for some newer players, you might not necessarily be on a cycle yet and you have to craft a lot of badges before you basically find yourself on a cycle? If so, that is definitely interesting to know, and I'll update my original post with a note.

    @TJCart I can certainly look into it, but just as an FYI, my top two priorities are (1) updating my character guides mentioned above, and (2) understanding and providing some more explanation about transition patterns thanks to the excellent work of @Grady and co. If you find anything before I get to this, please pass it along!

    @psychwolf, @Burmeliinis, and @jimmorrison369 thanks for sharing your insights. I agree with most of what you guys said, so I don't have much more to add :) I will say that I never use more than 1 Critical Chance badge on my survivors. My Scout Daryl is my only main survivor that has one (because I am rarely Power Striking with him), and mostly because it fits better in the spot than any Critical Damage badge I have.
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    @JayZ, @psychwolf and @Burmeliinis thanks so much for all the great advice on my questions - It's a great help, and I hope that one day it will help me play at somewhere near the same level as you guys. I have a question about hero weapons. I prefer them because quite a few have that special functionality and wondered if you can advise me about any must have hero weapons I should have.

    Scout Class: I have both Kingdom spears (the one with gold Lucky & Lethal and the one with gold Swift Strike & Razor, which is what I normally equip on Daryl and Rick, I also have the musket and the gold pumpkin carver. I don't have Daryl's knife but the pumpkin carver has exactly the same traits so I assume it serves as a replacement. Is there anything else I need and also, which spear works best with Rick, if I switch to using the pumpkin carver for Daryl?

    Bruiser class: I have Festive Lucille (that I equip on Eugene) for the wider arc The Zweihander (with Negan as an outpost defender), and the bloody Lucille which I usually equip on Morgan. I assume that the big thing I am missing here is Morgan's staff, but is there anything else?

    Hunter class: I have the Harpoon gun (on Dwight as an outpost defender for the extra stopping power), The Flaming Crossbow with Daryl who is at present one of my best hunters (and I do like flamey weapons), and The festive shotgun which is my main Sasha weapon. Anything else in this class that would serve me well?

    Warrior class: I have the Apex weapon Dragon's Tongue, I also have Jerry's Axe and The festive road-sign, that don't have special functionality but have really good traits. Are there any other great warrior weapons I should aim for?

    Assault class: I have the gold Light Machine Gun, the Blue LMG (which I have been using on Abraham and Rosita as powerhouse assaults with high damage and crit damage). I've also got the golden assault rifle and of course the new grenade launcher (which is a lot of fun but I usually have it on the governor for effectively shooting round corners whilst scavenging). Now that I have learned about teaming high health and DR assaults with Sasha to create stun walls are there any other special assault weapons I need (I'm thinking as a companion to the golden assault which has great traits).

    Shooter class: I have the winter bow which I guess should be my primary Aaron weapon, the flare gun which I like using with Maggie but mostly is with Merle as outpost defender to give enemies a nasty surprise, and a blue spear gun (with silver charging, silver destructive and gold piercing, I'm not sure if I should waste reinforcement tokens upgrading this and is one of 2 blue weapons I have in my armoury). Is there anything else that would be of benefit to my shooters?

    Finally, If I could pick out one weapon that I need above all others (and I think you all probably know where I'm going here, with the Dream Challenge mapset challenge announced) what would be the most important weapon I need to boost my game?
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    Here's the "must" list
    - Scouts. Kingdom Spear is a must. There is a swift strike version and a tactical option. It depends on the map and your playstyle which one is better. The one which you get through the campaign, which doesn't have razor, is worthless. A gold threat reduction knife with gold razor is also needed, but doesn't have to be a unique weapon. Daryl's knife has some extra damage but not so much that you need to buy it. The musket is rarely needed.
    - Bruisers. Morgan's staff is best, followed by Festive Lucille. Zweihander is not needed, as bruisers should be set up for 100% defense and it is an offensive weapon.
    - Hunter. The Harpoon is great for its rooting and quick charge capability. You also need a good incendiary weapon, and the Festive Shotgun is good for this. The Flaming Crossbow has pretty much been made obsolete by the Festive Shotgun. Some players like a regular rifle with wide bore, incendiary and luck for maximum incendiary capability.
    - Warrior. The Dragon's Tongue is a must. Otherwise a gold wide arc + razor weapon. There is also the chainsaw, which has its uses, but most players do fine without it.
    - Assault. The Decimator and Golden Assault rifles are both great with the extra chance for 2 round stuns. LMG:s are only somewhat useful in scavenging and in the early parts of the distance. Edited to add that a flame thrower is good for some distance maps.
    - Shooter. Winter bow is the unicorn weapon here. You also need a flaming weapon like the flare gun. The spear gun is rarely needed.

    I would not spend tokens on any blue weapons.

    Perfect. @Johnny_B I think there are three weapons that could really benefit you. In order:
    1. Bruiser Tactical Staff
    2. Scout Tactical Spear
    3. Second Golden Machine Gun

    There are so many maps where I take 2-3 Bruisers, that I think having 2-3 wide arc weapons is necessary, so my top recommendation is a Tactical Morgan's Staff. The other nice things about these staffs is you don't need to reinforce them because Bruisers aren't killers (high damage can actually be counterproductive). My Bruiser weapons are all level 28-29 even though the rest of my gear is level 30.

    The Lucky and Lethal Spear is unfortunately kind of useless. Any spear NEEDS Destructive and gold Razor. Use the Swift Strike Spear on Rick and the Carver on Daryl (I use Tactical Spear on Rick and Hunting Knife on Daryl). Getting the Tactical Spear gives you a weapon for Rick and lets you use the Swift Strike Spear on Daryl when you don't have to contend with spawns.

    Having two Golden Machine Guns is great for maps when you run Sasha with two Assaults, but those maps are way less frequent than Scout/Bruiser teams, so this is a lower priority.
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    Thanks for that @JayZ, @psychwolf and @Burmeliinis. It seams clear that as I already have two spears, The pumpkin Carver as a substitute for Daryl's Knife, The Golden AR and The Decimator for Stun Walls, that Morgans staff is the outright winner of the 'must have' hero weapon. I do have a follow on question though. During my research I found there is at least 3 different variants of the Morgan staff. silver lethal, gold destructive & gold accurate - silver destructive, gold accurate & gold lucky - silver concussion, gold lethal & gold accurate. If I could only choose one, which would be best for a trio of bruisers (Eugene, RGG & Morgan) and which of the 3 would I pick to wield it, if I was also using the Bloody Lucille and the Festive Lucille.
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    Accurate? I think you mean Razor. If not, I’d skip all of those.
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    Grady said:

    When you use the special recipe on a slot that already has bonus conditions, you have 25% chance of leaving the current pattern. (I call this making a Jump)

    Every slot lead to exactly two other slots:
    Walk: by using a Group 1~9 recipe OR failing a jump
    Jump: by using a special recipe AND (go from no bonus to some bonus OR some bonus to no bonus)

    A24 Walks to A25 and Jumps to K25
    A25 Walks to A26 and Jumps to C26
    L35 Walks to A36 and Jumps to C36
    A20 Walks to A21 and Jumps to H03
    H05 Walks to H06 and Jumps to K05

    @Grady I think I'm getting this but I'm not getting your lettering. The docs I've seen have the A, B & H paths documented so where are you getting C, K, F, etc?
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    Deadheads said:

    Grady said:

    H05 Walks to H06 and Jumps to K05

    @Grady I think I'm getting this but I'm not getting your lettering. The docs I've seen have the A, B & H paths documented so where are you getting C, K, F, etc?
    Undocumented. The other maps are work in progress and not publicly released.
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    Problem solved I see the clear winner of the Morgan Staff competition
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    Grady said:

    Undocumented. The other maps are work in progress and not publicly released.

    Thanks @Grady … I have so few legendary components I may just stockpile until it is publicly released. I'm to the point where I need very specific badges to improve.
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    @Johnny_B I don't know if I understand (my language is not English), but if it is useful, I mean that every hand-to-hand weapon must have a razor, preferably gold, this is paramount in the weapon. Without a razor, the gun is useless.
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    Hey boys & girls, sorry to go a bit off-topic, newbie question here, do you think I should reroll any of the following traits for my shooter Daryl???

    (see attached pic)

    Ruthless - Retaliate - Critical Aim - Lucky

    Thanks in advance,
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    @DiElEl save the precious reroll tokens for those heroes who really need them. Daryl shouldn’t be a priority.
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    Daryl is not good for high level challenge but is great in outpost defense where retaliate can cause significant damage to attackers if you give him a flame weapon. I use him, Dwight and Shooter Rick because they each have retaliate. Agree with above post to not waste reroll tokens on Daryl since his leader trait is weak for high level challenge. Keep retaliate and stick him in the outpost.
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