Why are the current badge counts limited

Hi all,

I’d like to understand why the limits are they way they are for the number of badges that we currently have?

As it stands I think it is number of survivors x 6 +100.
I like to keep all my survivors badged as I use quite a few for the distance mode.

The current system with all its complexity of position, type and set mean that the spare 100 is too few to allow me to make changes down the line. As I create new badges it might mean that I want to strip all the badges off one survivor and go for a different set, but keeping around only a spare 100 makes this very difficult.

Personally keeping number of survivors x 12 +100 allows better flexibility, I know there will be some that argue that they don’t need so many but maybe those are the same people that ca get through the distance with minimal losses.
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