Better incentives to join and actively participate in a Guild

We keep getting Guild members that do not take part in the challenges. Consequently outside a core membership there is a quick turnover of others. We boot them after a few challenges of doing nothing which is hassle and means we aren't growing as a guild. I'd like to see an increase in the personal benefit in undertaking challenges and only receipt of the Guild bonuses if the individual has actually partaken.



  • KriegKrieg Member Posts: 265
    I've been in a 2k star guild then in a 7k star guild. I'm now in a minimum 20k+ challenge star guild. The reward difference from the first to the last is quite substantial. I don't think further rewards are going to provide any additional incentive. I agree with @Infinite_M0nkey that you have to be patient, understanding and turn & burn members when needed.
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  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 627
    The problem is that very active players might take a week off for personal reasons and not getting any bonuses would be a bit unfair. Also, would it really help anything? The limit would have to be quite low anyway (so also beginner players could get rewards) so it's not hard to do the bare minimum, and in a way such a limit would be an unwritten rule "as long as you do the minimum, it's ok", which would not be the purpose.
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  • DeadheadsDeadheads Member Posts: 707
    I'd like to see better rewards for total guild stars. Getting some reroll tokens at 30k is pretty nice but after that its basically just TG. I know this will come off as 1st world problems, but once I get to 2k and receive the reroll tokens and my guild hits 30k for those reroll token, I have zero reason to push further.
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