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NML 3.5 Sneak Peak Video:

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land 3.5 Update Notes

Winter Campaign: Snowman's Land

The seasonal campaign for the Winter season is called Snowman's Land. It will begin on the 16th of December and it will end on the 13th January. As usual, you will be able to collect the seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.

The highlight rewards of the campaign will be the Festive Lucille (Bruiser weapon) at 2000 tokens, and at 3000 tokens you will be able to claim the Festive Shotgun.

The token collection table is shown in the comments below.

Note: There will be no discounted Distance Resets

New Council upgrade

Council level 25 includes upgrades to the following buildings:

Training Grounds: train survivors up to level 27.

Workshop: upgrade equipment up to level 30.

Additionally, at the current max level you can already upgrade:

Mission Car: gas storage increased to 35 gas.

Hospital: adds an extra bed, so you can heal 4 survivors at once.


Farm Plot: Current production rate and storage at current max level (11) increased to 4800/h and 44K.


Festive Shotgun (Hunter Weapon)
Special Functionality: Shotgun's attacks are cone-shaped. Attacks towards enemies who are within 2 spaces of you deal +30% additional weapon damage.
(The weapon differs from the Buckshot Shotgun in the fact that it contains incendiary trait instead of Charging)

Festive Lucille (Bruiser Weapon)
Special Functionality: Attacks a three-space arc ahead of the user, stunning all targets. Charge attack is an extra attack that stuns all targets and inflicts guaranteed critical hit in a three-space arc ahead of the user. You can perform a normal attack on the same turn after using the charge attack.

Festive Road Sign (Warrior Weapon)
No special functionality, however it is the only warrior weapon with the Swift Strike trait.

Changes to current weapons (applies to owned weapons as well):

Harpoon Gun (Hunter Weapon)
Charge attack changed from a single rooting attack to an additional attack that roots. After the root attack, the hunter will be able to make standard attack.
While rooted, the target cannot move. (Note: Root works on tank and spiked walkers)
Note: Stun effect will override Root Effect, unless the walker is stun resistant,

Dragon's Tongue (Warrior Weapon)
Charge attack changed from Whirlwind to the regular warrior charge attack (Bonus Attack: Bonus attack which inflicts guaranteed critical hit)

1 Season = 4 Wars (start on Tuesdays)
1 War = 8 Battles
1 Battle = 22 Hours (Battle beginning are 24 hours apart)
Battle team = Exactly 5 players (The battle will not start if there are less than 5)
Each player can participate in 2 battles.

How it works:

The sign-up for the battles begin on the Friday before the war at 1PM UTC and ends 2 hours before each battle begins. To plan and sign-up for wars, we've added a "War Planner" where you can see all the battles, time remaining until sign-up locks, number of players who have signed up.

You can click on a specific battle to either view the results of a battle that has ended, or to view details of a battle where you can also sign-up/withdraw.

The new GW design:

Every player has 20 Attacks per battle, in other words, you can complete a maximum of 20 missions in one battle.
GW Gas will no longer be required to play missions, and will be repurposed later on.
PvP randomization removed - now, for each PvP mission you have to complete two PvE missions that contain special walkers.

Mission difficulties are adjusted based your own character levels (used to be based on the average of both Guilds). So even lower level members can complete more difficult missions and contribute to the guild's progress.

You can earn Victory Points and Reward Points from completing GW missions. Reward Points are earned individually, and can be used to buy rewards from the Guild Shop. Victory Points are earned collectively, and the guild that earns more VP wins the battle and gets a 2x multiplier on both VP and RP from that battle.

Guilds on leaderboards are ranked by the amount of VP earned in the season.

Remember, Guild Wars is released as a BETA. We will collect feedback and iterate the mode accordingly. As such, the GW shop rewards in the initial wars will not be as good as the ones later on.

Guild Wars will be released as a Beta, so we will be collecting feedback on the format, bugs, issues and suggestions for the mode. To avoid winter holiday schedules, as well as to focus on the mode, the first war will happen in January after Snowman's Land.

Other changes and improvements

Two new challenge sets.

.2 Rounds of challenges (for example RSL 30.1 and 30.2) no longer randomly substitute a normal walker with a tank. Instead, some walkers will be 1 level higher.

You can now buy XP with Supplies in the Trade Goods Shop (Only available at max council level)

Bruisers and Assaults will now deal a critical attack on their charge attack.

Building point requirements for council levels between 19 to 25 have been rescaled for smoother progression.



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