Missing reinforcement tokens since upgrade

@Fluxxx - can you advise or look into this please?
I've largely been stockpiling my reinforcement tokens in anticipation of the upgrade that's now with us. I honestly can't remember how many I had accumulated, but it was in the region of 300.
After upgrade, it only showed 6. I ignored it at first, thinking it would correct itself as the files upgrade. But it hasn't, and now I can't sleep, can't eat, and am telling small children that Santa died on a rooftop and got eaten by a zombie reindeer.
Please restore my tokens, and with them, my sanity and social skills. Many thanks.


  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,137
    Send that report to the support, they can look up your account and see what's happened and refund any missing resources if applicable.
  • Infinite_M0nkeyInfinite_M0nkey Member Posts: 74
    @bladgier Cheers, done that now. First ever support ticket I've had to raise. Is there a badge for that? :)
  • Infinite_M0nkeyInfinite_M0nkey Member Posts: 74
    @Fluxxx - time since support ticket went in: 3 days.
    Just to give me an idea, what's the average response time? Don't mind waiting if I know it's being processed.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,976
    It’s usually a bit quicker but due to the update and multiple issues they’ve had I’m guessing they have been swamped! Also don’t get a problem on a Friday/weekend as that takes longer to get a response then too.
  • Infinite_M0nkeyInfinite_M0nkey Member Posts: 74
    @Firekid But ... But .... This is about ME!! Cancel Christmas!
  • FluxxxFluxxx Staff Posts: 1,085
    Yeah swamped indeed, been helping the support guys out, but there's so.. so many :D but hey @Infinite_M0nkey , please PM me your IGN and guild name, I can have a look.
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