Walkers are always higher level than survivors, why?

KaledKaled Member Posts: 1
Just started playing for about 2 weeks.. and i see walkers i face in scavenger mission always higher level/stronger than my survivors, why?


  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,068
    Do you have pink stars on any survivor?

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  • HerbergeHerberge Member Posts: 227
    Try "normal" mode if you are playing scavenger mission. If you still feel walkers are stronger than your survivors then you might need to have better weapons and armors, that is, if you cannot train yet your survivors.
  • Z_AssassinZ_Assassin Member Posts: 1
    I seem to remember the same thing when I started, you need to upgrade as soon as you can but it takes time.
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