Nation Wars 4 - Info and Rules

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Nation Wars 4 is February 26. (Note: Date could change because of Guild Wars!)

1. Real Guilds Only
2. Team NATION = Guild Name (Ex. Team CHINA)
3. Add #NW4 in guild description
4. Players must be born or living in the nation they play for *
5. Pirates can have 1 player per nation
6. Nations can have fun teams (Ex. Team USA 2) **
7. Small neighbouring countries can ask permission to create a regional team
8. Players that received a ban from NG during and after NW3 will not play in NW4

* Nation leaders are responsible to check player nationality and location. All players must verify location if asked.

** No "fun" teams will show up on NW4 Championship poster.


  • vshield50vshield50 Member Posts: 2,076
    edited January 14
    I love that this is happening soon!
  • maku11maku11 Member Posts: 29
    No Guild Wars during the Nation Wars 4 ?
  • maku11maku11 Member Posts: 29
    It's hard to leave when we have GWs during the event.
  • BodBod Member Posts: 111
    Date could change because of GW it says on top of page
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