Something other than Edibles ** REDUX **

SPC_TORRESSPC_TORRES Member Posts: 1,966

Last few times the Component Offer in the bundle shop has been Edibles. How about NG put some cloth and then Chemicals...... easy enough to rotate....... as to not make the components lopsided.




  • Danski_46Danski_46 Member Posts: 1,049
    Put them in a rotation then you will sell more!
  • SuperheroSuperhero Member Posts: 181
    This smells fishy.

  • SuperheroSuperhero Member Posts: 181
    And @Fluxxx maybe you could explain why the component-events are always just offering one sort of component?

    Why not a generell component-event?

    Because to experiment, it takes all sorts of them.
  • SPC_TORRESSPC_TORRES Member Posts: 1,966

    If possible ask the Developers .......... Please follow any or some type of pattern with the Component Bundles.

    I do not have my tablet with me.... so I am not able to give you the exact date. * last weekend *.....But Edibles is coming around more often........just ask Kyle with help support....... it seems he is the one that always gets my tickets ( SPCTORRES and Mini-Me )

  • VaneVane Community Manager Posts: 227
    @SPC_TORRES other types of components will be available tomorrow and on Sunday (once the timer for the one you posted runs out) :)
  • SPC_TORRESSPC_TORRES Member Posts: 1,966

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