Sharpest Weapon Bundle

Does anyone have a screenshot of the other version of the Sharpest Weapon Bundle? Or can you list the traits? I'm trying to decide if I want to purchase the current one with silver tactical on staff and spear, or the other version. Thanks.


  • tabernactabernac Member Posts: 807
    I don’t have a screenshot, but the most common traits that I’ve seen in the other Sharpest Weapons Bundle are:

    Staff: Gold Razor and Concussion, Silver Lucky
    Spear: Gold Razor and Swift Strike, Silver Destructive
    Knife: Gold Razor and Swift Strike, Silver Threat Reduction
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,742
    edited January 2020
    This version is the best version you will see. I have every version of the Spear, Staff, and Knife, and these are the ones I take 99% of the time on RSL40-45 missions. If you're considering purchasing it, I would go for it.
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  • echonapechonap Member Posts: 199
    thanks all
  • ThanosOfTitanThanosOfTitan Member Posts: 304
    As @JayZ says it’s the best Of this bundle and this is the one to buy
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