Interview with Fluxx...Soon! What do you want answered?



  • CoolsebCoolseb Member Posts: 125
    "What were you working in before you became NG's community manager..... with all those Xs in your alias?"
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,819
    @XEduardX thats not a question...
  • magicmagic Member Posts: 197
    How does guild war match making work now and how do you think it will work in the future?
    I am collecting badge crafting results. If you want to contribute please note down as much about each crafting as you can in the sequence you craft and send it to me. Recipe, effect and bonus condition is especially interesting.
    Discord server to discuss badge crafting:
  • CoolsebCoolseb Member Posts: 125
    Was it eventually, for a new approach, considered to land in the game Shiva or dog?.... or a guinea pig? Or you disguised in Shiva? 😏
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