Guild Wars Beta FAQ

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Based on questions from the first day of GW, I've put together a small FAQ to provide some answers. More will be added with time.

Why does the battle start at such a weird time for me?
Battles begin at 8:30AM UTC time on any given day. Each battle lasts 22 hours, so you are not obligated to play the battle at the starting time.

Do all players in the team need to be online simultaneously to play? / Do we need to use up all of the attacks in one session?
No, you can space out your attacks anyhow you want within the 22 hour duration of the battle.

Do we lose out on a battle if we registered, but were marked absent because we didn't get a full team?
No, if you're registered for a battle but it doesn't happen, you will still have the same number of battles left as before.

I played some battles but now I can't anymore, why? / My attacks are not replenishing, why?
Every player has 20 attacks per battle (1 attack = 1 mission). After you've exhausted your attacks, you will not be able to play any more missions in that battle. Attacks refresh with each battle.

How is the level of enemy survivors decided?
Enemy survivors are adjusted to your top level survivors

What does a Star Hero do in Guild Wars?
By playing the Star Hero as a leader, you receive 15% extra VP for the mission.

What's happening with GW gas
It hasn't been decided how we'll repurpose it. It'll still be a little while since we want to make sure GW can run smoothly first.

The Battle Stats table has dissapeared/ is not displaying any scores.
This is a bug, and your scores are intact. They will appear eventually or after you restart the game.

Will I be able to play battles if I move to a new guild?
You can play battles in your new guild under certain conditions:
1. You have played less than two battles in your current guild. In this case you may have 1 or 2 (if you've played none) battles in the new guild
2. A guild can only have 20 participants in a war, so if not all 20 have played a battle and you also fulfil the condition above - you will be able to play.
However, keep in mind that if you've played one battle in your current guild already, and the remaining 19 guildmates have also played battles, then your replacement will be unable to participate in the current war.

Our guild is seeing Bronze Tier 1 rewards in the GW shop, even though we're not Bronze 1
For Guild Wars Beta, the rewards are universal and do not change with tiers.
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