Feedback after day 1

We had one player who had signed up for day 1 did not show up. It was not possible to remove him from battle by leader/elder so we had to battle with only 4 members. Bummer. I hope this is changed in next release.

I wish sectors that have been "started" i.e some mission in progress or completed, could be somehow highlighted in map view.

I also hope to see remaining missions for each player in my team for the battle.

I hate going to mission without knowing mission target but thats the same case with everyone so I dont mind. Mission targets and enemies are random or the same between battles?

If one player has not signed up in any battles (and is not reading chat either), does that mean we cant do 2 battles during war at all? Not even with less players? That would suck big big time. I guess our guild will be looking for a new guild member after this war if that is the case :-)


  • WickedspicWickedspic Member Posts: 4
    I signed up to play and for the life of me I couldn’t attack anyone on any map! It was so frustrating that I actually withdrew my spot and luckily someone else replaced me. It looked like they were able to play. WTF
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