Number of Attacks in the Guild battles.

I just played for the first time in this war. I’m sorry and I don’t want to come across disrespectful but that is the most ludicrous thing that I feel has happened thus far and that’s with combining all the guild wars. You are only allowing for 5 players to play and only giving each player 20 attacks to play within a 22 hour battle?
We should at least have the opportunity to acquire extra attacks by winning certain battles or completing and winning entire buildings or something. I played this morning and now I have to sit out the rest of the day and not by my choice. We need the opportunity to buy or earn more attacks like we did with the GW gas. Plsssss figure something else out in regards to this....


  • Rick06Rick06 Member Posts: 8
    Previously, I could easily play like 6-7 battles during guild war season if i was active. Now I only played like half an hour and was already over.
    Not because I was not able to beat the higher levels or that I had not even gas/time. Just because I run out of attacks...
    I waited so much time to play GW and it's not really enjoyable, also we could not really earn reward points to guild shop with two battles.
  • AbrykAbryk Member Posts: 120
    I agree. Look at it this way, you will skew the gameplay towards only the levels which offer the most VP if you cap at a low number of attacks, and I can see some levels getting little to no play at all. Eventually, someone will chart out a strategy/path that offers the greatest probability of winning based upon the path to victory. In the past, having a one hour time limit could force players into rushing into a certain battle just for a win, but with 22 hours and a small, finite number of attacks, this changes that calculation completely and you have to account for it somehow. I think maybe offering a bonus level or two that gives you a few more attacks could add a strategic twist to the game (“Do we save that level or use it now?” “Who can deliver the greatest return for the bonus attacks?”). You could always introduce some limiting condition in exchange for the extra attacks, like a handicap or a penalty or something, too (reduced defense, fewer VP, etc.), so now it has to be a more strategic choice. Just some thoughts...
  • LilTexLilTex Member Posts: 23
    Thank you guys for replying and understanding. Everyone of you make excellent points. Unshakeable3 I do understand what you are saying and yes depending on how much an individual plays will determine their the way they feel abt the amt of attacks, but like Abryk said, for those of us who do play more we should have a way to earn the extra attacks. We can only have 5 people on a team and if something comes up and they can’t play, we should either have the option to have anan alternate step into that position or at least have a way to earn extra attacks to make up for those they could not use. For most people it’s hard to know what’s going to happen tomorrow, much less 3 or 4 days out. Things come up and we need a way to compensate for tht.
  • catrushcatrush Member Posts: 1
    I agree, not enough "fuel" or whatever your calling it. At least before we had an option to buy more. It was lame just as the 2 turns were.
  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 1,140
    20 was too little for me but also not looking to make it an all day ordeal....30 max but would be happy with 25 also. And as brought up in another threat maybe some Mulligans or redos when we lose a map, this would encourage people to try some harder missions rather than keep it safe to guarantee a win.
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  • Sarge_Sarge_ Member Posts: 16
    It would be nice if the Guild leader could designate a "battle captain" rank that would allow 1-2 participates to have extra attacks. I thought 20 attacks was perfect, but it would be nice to have a system that allows highly motivated and less motivated GW fighters to coexist.
  • GrendelGrendel Member Posts: 305
    psychwolf said:

    I don't think charging money for extra attacks would be the right solution. I hope NG comes up with something better than that. It would only make people feel obligated and pressured. Then it would be pay to win wars.

    I don't know how NG can monetize it without charging for attacks. I assume they are already losing healing gold since the battles are 22 hours long. Maybe they will treat GW as a customer retention feature instead of a revenue generator.
  • mack22mack22 Member Posts: 1,295
    psychwolf said:

    I don't think charging money for extra attacks would be the right solution. I hope NG comes up with something better than that. It would only make people feel obligated and pressured. Then it would be pay to win wars.

    I agree with this, it will only make the wars one sided again.
    Work some into the challenge rewards and perhaps the distance whilst changing up Aaron tokens for ALT heroes perhaps.

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