Deaths watch recruiting

Deaths watch recruiting for 3 spots. Low pressure, active guild. Minimum level is 20, need to reach 100 star minimum in weekly challenges. Last challenge guild total was 10,425, well above 100 minimum required per player.

Guild all time stars is 1,399,541

Active in guild wars, won first two battles. Short players for third battle, full for this saturday and sunday. Scores for first two wars were 3548 and 4112

It is important for new recruits to want to be active in the new war feature. While you won't be able to participate in the present war, you will be able to in the next one.

We are a quiet guild, if you are looking for drama, we don't have it. If you are looking to collect rewards without participating, you will be kicked. If you enjoy playing the game and want to steadily build your survivors, please join us.

We may need more that three players soon because with the new war feature a few more members may be kicked that are not participating in the war.

Search for guild = Deaths Watch


  • Vulgar_UnicornVulgar_Unicorn Member Posts: 56
    12 players are currently active in guild wars. It is important that you will be active in guild wars as we want to be able to participate in more days than we can right now.
  • Vulgar_UnicornVulgar_Unicorn Member Posts: 56
    We've won 5 of the 6 battles played so far. Looking for 3 additional players to help share in the increased tokens we would all receive doing more battles.
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