Live Battles was Guild Wars

The new format is disappointing for me.. The live timed aspect of your original Idea was brilliant for players and For You NG..
It was definitely something to look forward to as a whole new way to play this game or any game for that matter.. The rush and excitement of 3 possible battles that everyone was online at the same time was great.. The 20 attacks and a whole day to use them is not bringing players together..
Maybe call this game play something else..
I'll be waiting for the real Guild Wars..


  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 935
    I am pleasantly surprised at the amount of coordination this GW is taking to max your TEAM score. Chat is non-stop during a battle with people shouting out how many keys they have left and what levels they can and can do. More missions would be awesome but the format seems to work. Besides NG servers suck and cannot handle having every guild playing at the same time.
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  • MrChrisMrChris Member Posts: 175
    This type of wars gathered our team and even people who talks only at Holidays, now were cooperating more or less.
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