Flee Bug or glitch??

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So it has been brought up that you can flee a battle up to 3X and not lose a key?? Is this a bug or intended @Fluxxx


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    If it’s a glitch which you can’t fix for this war then you need to make it a feature and announce in game so everyone is aware.
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    I'm not sure I understand. If you flee during one of your 25 attacks it doesn't count and you can play that one again (up to three times)?

    Does sound like an undocumented feature rather than bug imo.
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    If this is true it's a huge bug that absolutely needs to be fixed. One of the most interesting parts of GW is to try maximally hard missions that you will win on your first try. Getting several attempts would change the whole concept quite a lot!
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    This is false, fleeing does not prevent you from losing an attack. An attack is taken once you enter the mission, and the outcome of the mission has no effect on it. If you are certain that it happened and you have videos of this and/or names of players who experienced it, please message me or Fluxxx.

    Otherwise, this might be very misleading information to other forum readers, so closing this thread.
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