Bug - incorrect Score after just 2 missions.

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I have just played 2 missions, 38 difficulty. Dwight was lider both times. 33+4 and 33+4. But i have 70 VP right now. How can it be possible? Maybe for beta version GW 37+37=70 ?
Mission №1

Mission №2


And total 70 after 2 missions


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    I believe Fluxx said leader bonuses isn't included in your personal score, but is included in the alliance total.

    2743-2673=70, so if someone else got 33 points while you were playing that first game it adds upp.
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    Has nothing to do with leader bonus, and for guild score is even worse. I was posting this last time, posting now again.


    All goes well while we are playing 1-C, 2- C, Somewhere from difficulty 36 it just start giving less points then it should. Not only to player score, to guild also. And i just can't see where is the problem, it doesn't make any sense, adding us some random numbers, sometimes +20,sometimes +33 it's like a lottery, play and hope for the best.
    This is not about ''reset game and check again'', i am telling you it's not working. Something is very very wrong with scores. @Fluxxx There are more threads about it, take a look please
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    Fine, just got 20 VPs for a diff36 mission at 3-E node :(
    (Star hero wasn't in the team)
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    Math is hard
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