When fail an attack?

When fail an attack and go back in. Are walkers you allready killed not there anymore. If so this would help alot at level 40+ @Billbam @ATLAS-Z


  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 1,096
    I believe that only happens on PvP missions not walker missions. But I have not failed a mission so this is 2nd hand info.
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  • rogueDSrogueDS Member Posts: 607
    It is same walkers went back at 40s and wasn't easier lol I did pass it though. Thanks @Billbam
  • SherrySherry Member Posts: 15
    I know one of my guild members killed 2 raiders and I went back in to finish it and there was only one raider left...
  • FluxxxFluxxx Community Manager Posts: 1,058
    Just popping by to confirm what @Billbam said.
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