Daryl Hunter Guild, 4yr old guild looking for fun members/merger, Laidback Twice your level in stars

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Daryl Hunter Guild, 4 year old guild looking for fun members, Laid back Twice your level in stars for challenge,

we have a friendly discord for any twd game banter but we ask no spoilers to the show when new episodes are airing as we are all avid fans

we are mostly in the level 70 range with some down around 60's we will consider any applicants and are actively recruiting in game.

any difficulties please use code aSzEjm6 to come have a chat in disco

currently 5 spaces

we have members happy to join a partner guild if a guild has around 9 members we could work on a merger X

Another possible option is we can have 8 or 9 of our highest members join a new guild needing our skills but still laid back environment with no show spoilers then please hit me up here or disco, so if you need us or we need you let us know!!

so please feel free to hit me up Ducky


  • countduckulacountduckula Member Posts: 17
  • countduckulacountduckula Member Posts: 17
  • countduckulacountduckula Member Posts: 17
    This Guilds has Now happliy Merged our high members with TWD Extreme we have a post asking for 5 more high hitters to join TWD Extreme.

    Daryl Hunters is under new leadership and still alive with help full admin to help our new players to the game so if your just starting out this guild is starting fresh
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