Kingdom Spear or Pitchfork?

Do y’all think the kingdom spear or pitchfork is better on 40+ level challenge missions?

They both have gold razor but swap the other two.

The KS has silver destructive and gold swift strike and the PF has gold destructive and silver swift strike.

I use KS but maybe I’m doing it wrong!



  • echonapechonap Member Posts: 29
    SS only activates on kills. At 40+, you'll need more hits for one kill, so even less likely to trigger. I'd go with gold destructive.
  • kookaburrakookaburra Member Posts: 42
    Go with the tactical KS at high levels. Just my humble opinion.
  • GoogGaggs2GoogGaggs2 Member Posts: 10
  • NovellNovell Member Posts: 105
    Can some upload a picture from the Kindom spear (tactical) and the other version. And also from Morgan's stuff. I would like to know the differences between the versions and in what situations you should use one...
    Thx mates!
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