GW attack screen enemy info - discuss!

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As far as I know, the only available information on the attack screen for zombie missions is enemy types (as well as level difficulty). The enemy survivor missions also give details on the survivors you're fighting which is nice. Don't get me wrong, knowing whether or not there are metalheads in the upcoming attack is incredibly useful information, but...

Unlike "The Distance", no information is given on mission type (e.g. eliminate all walkers, search, get to exit, etc.) or whether or not zombies will continually spawn which can be deciphered from most "The Distance" level descriptions. Undoubtedly, this extra information would be incredibly useful for tailoring your teams, but is this intended as a feature to make the GW attacks require less thought, thereby leveling the playing field for more inexperienced players who wouldn't gain an advantage by knowing how to properly prepare for a battle?

I personally would like to see more information in the description on the attack selection screen, but could possibly see why they don't include it. Discuss!


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    I’m in too minds, as yes I would love to know if it’s a kill all walkers map, but two things. Would I feel compelled to leave those for weaker members of the team/would weaker members of the team jump on those quick as possible? Secondly, it’s a hindrance to the opposing team as well, who can cope with that hindrance the best could be crowned the victor.
    Either way I’m happy so all good.
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    We definitely need some info, similar to the Distance mission explanations. In my last battle I played about 3 kill all missions with 2 bruisers and SRick, where I would have taken Dwight had I known they were kill all missions.

    The problem with not knowing the mission is that you end up playing all missions with your 3 best guys instead of using more of your roster. So while I get that the surprise effect has something to it, the drawbacks far outweigh the benefits.

    I also now noticed that the 25 missions per player combined with the above issue means that there actually is a shortage of missions. I tried a lvl 40 mission on 5-D which felt impossible ("find the clue" with several of the boxes blocked by walkers in cramped hallways AND a 4 round gate) so ended up doing 2-B instead, as everything in between already was done. So definitely in favour of opening the whole map or having a normal/hard toggle on the missions.
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    @Burmeliinis the reason you’ve just given to having the whole map unlocked is one of the reasons that I wouldn’t want it. As planning and organising a team so that doesn’t happen is what can make the difference between a win and a lose.
    What I would and have suggested though is that when you clear a sector it opens up the paths both forward as backwards. So if you were at 5c then 4b would be open but not 5b.
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    That's a good point @Firekid , but another issue I encountered in my last battle was that we had 3 A-team players and 3 B-team players. You obviously want the B-team to start by clearing the first, easy, nodes, but it turned out they only could play in the evening, while all in our A-team were ready to roll from the get go. So it was a frustrating wait and not the best situation for any player.
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    @Burmeliinis I get the frustration of having to wait on players in GW, but I would also submit that it is part of the point of GW. The fact that you have to coordinate with guild members is what makes this mode so different from anything else in the game.

    Now, for high level guilds this likely becomes less of an issue since most probably have other forms of communication other than guild chat. However for low level or even most mid level guilds, it’s a problem, or at least certainly can be.

    Is this really NGs problem to solve though? It could be a simple matter of “find a better guild that suits you.” On the other hand that does make some content in the game inaccessible, in practical terms, for the more casual players, but at what point do you draw the “fairness line?” That’s why I could go either way, but lean toward not having an unlocked map for the strategic value it adds. Plus, I really do believe that the first beta iteration of the map was beautifully constructed and balanced at 20 attacks from a logical perspective (that’s not to say it was perfectly enjoyable from a player’s perspective and couldn’t benefit from adjustment by any means).
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