What happened to 25% upgrade reduction and hero token crates (daily quest rewards)?

I guess that says it, but neither has been around in weeks.. And I miss them :p:'(@Fluxxx, any intel?


  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,357
    The reduction cost imo isn’t worth it you get 2 upgrades at 25% off unless you use gold. I prefer the 5 second upgrades.

    What daily hero token crates?
  • MaximumSlayageMaximumSlayage Member Posts: 11
    I really liked the 25% off, I mostly got at least four in.

    I mean the crates you get from colelting the little trophies during daily quests. There's usually gold crate, class token crate or hero token crate. Lately I've not been getting any hero token crates there
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