Guild Wars Beta - what's happening

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Putting this here so everyone can see :)

The current Guild Wars Beta season will end on Friday 14th of February, 7AM UTC.
This means that the Guild Wars shop and Reward points will reset after the season ends.

A new GWB season will begin on Friday 28th of Feb (sign-up), with the first battle starting on the 3rd of March. This season will contain 4 wars, and it will mostly be in its current form. It will also have a refresh Guild Shop, with prices adjusted for 4 Wars. Note that it will still be a universal shop (not tiered).

I know many of you may be expecting GW changes in the upcoming update, but since the GWB has been running during the development of the update, we focused on other features and changes.

We've gathered plenty of GW feedback from you guys regarding the format, design and bugs, so will bugfix and iterate based on that for the April update. Just so you know, many of the bugs that you've experienced in the first two beta wars will still be there for this season - I apologize in advance 😅 But we're running the season anyways for players' enjoyment since we've received a lot of positive feedback and there haven't been any severe bugs.
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