Bloomsday Update Notes

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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Bloomsday Update Notes

The Season 10B Update, featuring new hero Beta and the Bloomsday event, is finally here!

NML Bloomsday Update Sneak Peek Video:

📺 Season 10B Missions

8 episodes based on the upcoming second half of season 10 of the show. Each one will release a day after the show episode airs.

New Hero: Beta

A new Warrior hero. His leader trait is called One with the Herd with the following description:

Beta is not attacked by walkers when he moves past them. Passing by a walker gives Beta {TBD}% chance to gain up to 1 charge point; each passed walker increases this chance by {TBD}%. Every walker passed by Beta becomes a part of the Herd, following Beta and not attacking him nor his allies during the next turn.

Tank, Spiked, and Goo walkers cannot become a part of the Herd. Attacking a Herded walker removes the status.
As a leader, each member of your team gains this trait.
Level of Trait Basic chance for 1 Charge Point: Each passed walker increases chance by:
3 13% 8%
4 15% 9%
5 17% 9%
6 20% 10%
7 23% 10%
8 27% 11%
9 30% 11%
10 36% 12%

Beta will be added to the NML Key art (loading screen).

- Passing by a walker in the case of Beta's leader trait follows the same rules as Huntsman's Daryl Prowl (in other words, if the walker would be attacked by Huntsman Daryl, then with the effect of One With The Herd leader trait the walker gets added to the Herd)
- If Beta is a team leader, all other characters in the team (both melee and ranged) are able to herd walkers
- Beta's Leader Trait and Huntsman Daryl's Prowl interaction: if Beta is a team leader and Huntsman Daryl is in the team, Prowl overrides the effect of One With The Herd on the first passed walker (as the first passed by walker gets attacked by Daryl in this case; attacking a walker cancels the Herded effect), but the subsequent walkers passed by Daryl during the same move will be added to the Herd. If Huntsman Daryl is a team leader, it works the same way for Beta in the team - the first walker will be attacked by Beta and not herded, and subsequent walkers passed by Beta during the same move added to the Herd.
- The Herded effect lasts one turn; walkers can be herded again on the next turn by passing by them
- There is no limit to how many walkers can be herded in one turn (i.e. limited only by how far your character can move)
- Other Hero traits of Beta are: Ruthless, Iron Skin, Power Strike, Strong

🌼 Bloomsday Event

The seasonal campaign for the Spring season is called Bloomsday. As usual, you will be able to collect the seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.

The highlight rewards are: The Decimator (Assault Weapon) for 2000 Spring tokens, and Beta (a Whisperer Hero) for 3000 Spring tokens .

New Weapon

The Decimator (Assault)
Special Functionality: The Decimator’s attack damages enemies in a large circular area around the target, while its charge attack can be targeted anywhere on the ground within range, damaging and stunning enemies.

Badge Management from survivor screen

On the survivor screen, you will be able to filter your badges by:

Slot [ By selecting the relevant slot ]
Set [ All / A / B / C / D / E ]
Effect [ All / Health / DR / DMG / CC / CD ] (Note: Percentage and flat values are included together)
Status [ Equipped / Not Equipped ]

⚙️ New Settings

Tactical Grid
A setting that can be toggled on to show a grid that displays the tiles on the map. It will be on by default once you switch to a new version.

💬 Other changes

New status effect: Herded (see Beta's leader trait).
Tara's Leader Trait: The healing from Tara's leader trait can now bring you back to 3 Stars in the challenge, as well as reduce healing time (Note: same as before, Tara's leader trait cannot heal from red health to green health).
Combat text adjustments: sizes and timing are adjusted for better clarity.
Challenge missions Gas cost: permanently reduced by 1 (for all levels).
RPG weapons rebalance: Daryl’s RPG and Devil’s Torch no longer have friendly fire and deal more damage.

Guild Wars Beta

No major changes to Guild Wars will happen in this update, as the planning and development of the update took place during Guild Wars Beta.

Guild Wars Beta will continue running in its current state for players’ enjoyment.

Player feedback will be addressed in the next update.

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