Received a new survivor but won’t accept

ResykzResykz Member Posts: 8
I just completed a mission where I got a new survivor and it will only let me reject it even though I have enough space for them.

So earlier today I completed the mission where you have to block a shop window in/near Woodbury. I received a new survivor with the Warrior class but was unable to accept them. Even though I had like 3 or 4 spaces left in my roster, I still removed a survivor (who I didn't really want to remove) hoping it was just a bug that the spare slots weren't registering or something. I didn't help, so not only did I not get the new survivor who was probably better than any of my other survivors, I also lost the survivor I deleted trying to sort it out.

After that, it said I had unlocked the Warrior class, which then made me thing that's why I couldn't accept it cause I hadn't unlocked that class yet.

But then I went back to an old mission on a harder difficulty, completed it and got another survivor, but it still won't let me accept them, I don’t want to reject it cause they are better than my other survivors. Is this a bug or is there a reason I can’t accept it?

These screenshots show the new survivor and the fact that I have slots available. It's really frustrating cause now I've lost 2 decent (for me) survivors as well as the one I deleted who I'd trained up for a while. I haven't gone past this screen yet so any ideas on how I can accept it?



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