Morgan's staff reboot.

I think a staff with gold luck and razor with silver concussion would be an excellent option, I'd buy a couple for sure. Thoughts please.


  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 335
    I guess it would be nice to try and see how it works. I find gold concusion very important this week on Back Alley though.

    And i know Lucky will boost lot ot traits but i still most useful of all find tactical staff, it's not about 10%DR but that ability to move after hit, helps controling wall of walkers so much.
    Since we are playing insane missions now and up to lvl50, mostly is all about controlling wall.

    All 3(tactical/lucky/concusion) are very important for that and it's really debatable what is the best combination. Would like to read other opinions too :)
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    SCBMA said:

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