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    This weekend special has been great! The gas regeneration set at 5 minutes is exactly what I had in mind when I posted it. Thank You NG!
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    +1 +1 +1
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    +1 to this and I hope they decrease upgrading time too, takes to long when you are high level.
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    5 min looks perfect as we can see in current even..
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    With the game getting deeper now with challenges going longer with having stronger characters and gear to upgrade and how little xp is available to collect the gas time needs to decrease to at least 5 minutes per unit. Its really not too fun sitting and waiting for 2 hours to play the game for 5-10 minutes. Fun factor going down with this issue. Shouldn't have to constantly buy gold to restore gas to get your characters/gear upgraded. It costs a lot to upgrade the higher gear and characters as is. No issue here with grinding but come on. Want to play more not wait around.
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    I haven't been playing long but i can't help but agree. the wait time for gas is ridiculous. As many have said 5 minutes is more than enough. as the levels get higher the longer a guy has to wait. counter intuitive to maintaining player base and attempting to increase it, if you ask me.
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    Here's a couple more ideas. A couple weeks ago there was a weekend event with more walkers at the camp. When popping them some of them gave you gas. Why not have that all the time?! Next. There is a silver crate and a gold crate right? Why not introduce a bronze crate? What's in this mysterious crate? Why, GAS! Always gas. From increments of 2 to 6 a clip. Lastly increase the odds when watching an add at the drive in to end up being awarded with more bronze crates. What do you think?
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    Increase like one suggest to 48 so it takes 8 hours to fill or 5,6 minute refills per tank, thanks
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    Please, reduce regeneration gas urgently... It's imposible to play 2 events + pvp.
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    Anybody looking Into this? Please respond.
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