Xp System Needs a Reexamine please

Hello Guys. i cant help but notice that xp has not increased in line with so many Hero's being released.

we were originally lucky if we had 20 survivors and the amount of xp was sufficient to keep these up too date as you grow food and expand base.

we now have so many hero's too choose from and some great traits bonuses on alot of them however xp is so lacking we never really get to enjoy many of them as they sit at low level and unusable, Due to your base expanding quicker then you can train your men.

so id like to suggest a look into a way to solve this over crowding issue 1 lower amount of xp required for training, 2 make kills and rewards higher xp

either option would be great and allow us to finally check out eugine see if his skill is as good as it sound ect!
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