Trade Goods Shop changes

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We're bringing in a few changes to the Trade Goods shop to widen the range of options for you.

Golden Chest / 8 Gas are split

- Instead of the third slot offering either 8 Gas or a Golden Chest, we're splitting it into two different options so you can purchase both options every refresh.

- The Gold yield from the Golden Chest is now a flat 15, instead of the previous 10-20 (Keep in mind the chances of different types of rewards remains the same)

- The Golden chest can be re-bought once

More Hero Tokens

- There are now two Hero Tokens options instead of one

- The scaling of the gold cost of Hero Tokens has been reduced to cycles of 30/40/50. You can rebuy them up to 9 times per refresh.
Example: The 1st time you purchase the Hero Tokens with gold, it will cost 30 Golds, 3rd time = 50Gold, 4th time = 30Gold, 5th = 40Gold, and the 9th (final) = 50Gold

Class Tokens cost rescaled

- The gold cost of 8 Class Tokens rescaled to 20/30/40, purchasable up to 9 times per refresh

- 50 Class Tokens now cost 3500 Trade Goods instead of 4000

- Gold cost of 50 Class Tokens rescaled to 100/150/200, purchasable up to 9 times per refresh
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