Updates I'd like to see.

Things I'd like to see added in future updates in no particular order.

1. The high cost of the different costumes should come with improved traits. Absolute waste of money/gold atm.

2. Add new characters please. I don't know how many times I've got the ugliest Legendary character that I've kinda been a little happy to sacrifice. Maybe, even let people design characters? Or just start adding more I'm sick of having twins, triplets etc.

3. A in game kill count for all the players trying to grind experience points.

4. Add some more achievements rewards. I've achieved nearly everything in the game now.

5. Cheaper bundles. 30.99 really? Ridiculous! Don't get me started on the 159.99. Seriously, who the f#%k would spend that?

6. Also allow players or guild Leaders to trade or donate items for people doing well or meeting certain criteria during guild events.

7. I want to steal stuff off people allow us to search other people's compounds and attack them to take
un-equipped weapons, gold, supplies and experience points. Obviously, this would have to involve upgrading compound defences etc. to make the reward/risk enticing.


  • theblueboxthebluebox Member Posts: 807
    Ideas have merit but need further discussion and tweaking
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