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The Dream Challenge Community Contest
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Submissions ONLY. Please make your submissions as detailed as possible!


  • HebertHebert Member Posts: 2
    Uma ótima ideia seria incrementar o cdc e incluir o rarchel com personagem
  • hilma9hilma9 Member Posts: 1
    The protection of Alexandria from walkers like in season 6 and it could just be a “kill all walkers” mission
  • AliCharedarAliCharedar Member Posts: 1
    Make a part of Ocean Side.
    Choose hero from Ocean Side.
    Make more mission from Season 1 and 2
    Choose Hershel and Beth and tiris and Shen(rick's friend) as Hero.
    Make mission from hospital Season 5
    Make or desining New model of Wars.it means 2 model wars is better one. Like: At guilds each member choose best hero and all of them ready for fight to another guild.
    I ask you make one thing for donate like supply and ...

    Thank you.
  • ZomBieKiLLeRzzzZomBieKiLLeRzzz Member Posts: 1
    Who will be dreaming
  • AkrideAkride Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2020
    A mission where they escape from the CDC in season 1. The Survivors to play could be Rick, Daryl and Shane. The mission could be to get away from the building and you must protect the others from the walker. That means Dale, Andrea, Carol, Carl, Sophia and T-Dog. I think just normal zombies would be enough because you defend so many npc characters. Map design could just be like the some cars or something. Just like in series.
  • EdgyEdge17EdgyEdge17 Member Posts: 1
    I think a wonderful but difficult mission would involve each of your three survivors being caged and having to reach the maps middle to escape. As each survivor opens their cage (1 turn) they'll each meet a challenge of enemies. There will be fences dividing each survivor but ranged characters can aid by shooting through the fences to help another survivor. Basically speaking, each survivor must follow a path to reach the center while fighting through zombies and opening a final door to the middle (2 turns).
  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 530
    I think they were hoping for more literal, concrete designs, not narratives, suggestions, or laundry lists. :lol:

    Go DRAW something, yo!
  • BilldingerBilldinger Member Posts: 325
    "Survive Negan's Lineup": Start the mission with 3 heroes. Heroes have hands tied. Negan starts charged as an enemy and the only way to break out is to survive an attack from Negan. Once free, 1 survivor is freed to battle Negan while the other 2 survivors are gradually freed after original survivor survives attacks. The first survivor freed will randomly be chosen before the first attack from Negan. Follows the "Eeny, Miney, Moe" aspect of the scene. This could be the all time best board if done properly.
  • CubezCubez Member Posts: 1
    El negro que nadie supo de él, fue cuando Tara encuentra a un grupo de puras mujeres l perdió en el puente
  • alphabeta_soupalphabeta_soup Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
    A whole new way to spend gas is introduced: “Survival”, a cross between Scavenge Missions and The Distance. Pick your 3 strongest survivors, and test their stamina with just 1 stage, but never ending waves of both walkers on one side, and humans on the other. Like The Distance, it may start off easy with low level walkers and less humans, but as the waves come, both the levels of enemies and how many there are, grow.
    - For the first few waves, there are walkers coming from the left side
    - Soon enough humans start coming from the right, giving you enemies on both sides
    - In the toughest waves, whisperers start showing up in the walkers from the left
    - The arena is set in an open field, but with a “house” (some walls to hide behind) in the middle of the map to give some protection
    - The stage does not end until all 3 of your characters are eventually killed

    This is a concept to allow more strategy to be used and therefore allowing even more fun to be had. Do you sacrifice one of your characters to get through a wave? Do you get the humans out of the way, but now you have a hoard right behind you? Or do you use the walkers to build up your charge points while possibly being shot at? Maybe you can use Beta to lead walkers to fight off the human enemies for you.

    Thanks for reading
    Oh yeah, and give us Judith please!!!
  • basedalphabasedalpha Member Posts: 6
    edited March 2020
    sorry guys, i sent the wrong link. sending the right one now.
  • blastoblasto Member Posts: 1
    something about first 2 season. there are many cool scenarios like Atlanta, the hills around, the Hershel's farm. could be good Andrea like news survivor.
    in game im Blasto guild survivor
  • MarksmanMilesMarksmanMiles Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2020
    Hi! First off I really appreciate all the Packages in the game for players like me such as the 7 day gas gift. Here is my submission this is based off the episode 5 “Wildfire” from season one where the gang go to find answers at the CDC. I though since when they are ambushed by walkers while trying to get into the CDC door there will be a couple of walker piles (Green blobs) and a 5 turn keypad. So the 3 steps to win are step 1 “kill the 2 heavy walkers“ the armored walker (blue spike, green circle) and the heavy walker (Purple spike, dark green circle.) Step 2 Use the keypad (5 turns) which opens the door, and then escape at the escape point. For detail Corpses (Red Blobs) and the gangs convoy (Dale’s RV, Daryl’s Motorcycle, and the Church Van with a rusty car behind it.) Again thank you for the Packages and this awesome event. Stay Safe and have a great day! I also took inspiration from this picture of the CDC of ep. 5 Wildfire.
  • Mitliadis005Mitliadis005 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
    So what i am thinking is that you can create a new challenge map based on Hershels farm where there is a mission involving capturing walkers on a forest basically the only the to capture the walkers is to hit them with a bruisers weapon,killing walkers from the barn opening scene like where you have to kill the walkers once the door is open another scene being the crash of the car where lory was where there is basically the road and the crashed car and next to it you put an npc and your objective is to save it ,a scenario where the farm is overrun and you have to escape and you start close to the burning barn and your objective is to reach the barn house in this scenario you can put flaming walkers,
  • LoganicLoganic Member Posts: 4
    edited March 2020
    Ok so description thing. The road map from chapter ? Where you push a car to other side. That map or a similar road map. Your characters spawn at one end where a buried swat walker will sit infront of a chest that will force you to stand on it to open it, when you open it, not only with swat come out, 5-7 free men will show up. Mostly in the trees or coming from the trees off the map. 2 scouts will emerge behind you, 2 rifleman (forgot name of sniper people) on sides, while a shooter and a bruiser emerge from infront of you, you must kill either all the raiders or at least the captain aka the shooter. Once this is done you may run to the other side of the map and escape. There will be at least 2 more walkers every 5 rounds. I hope you see this among all these other suggestions.
  • Caitlin_2010Caitlin_2010 Member Posts: 1
    " Beside the dying fire " when Rick and Carl try to escape the barn. You have to try and unlock 3 crates to set the barn on fire! Sorry I didn't put a layout of it I'm just not good at drawing lol
  • Jman90Jman90 Member Posts: 1
    I say yall should do the missions on the Atlanta Cdc episodes and bring all the characters from that season that not on the game yet to the game. That was the best season i watch
  • Honeybear08Honeybear08 Member Posts: 4
    I love the cdc idea others are suggesting. To make it interesting have chests that must be opened but then a bacteria leaks out of a random chest (or 2)n everyone must get to a safe spot. You can tell it’s a bacteria chest because a green cloud will spread from it. After the cloud is gone u can resume opening chests until all r opened. Of course there will be zombies randomly placed at the beginning and spawning after each crate opening
  • kinia2850kinia2850 Member Posts: 1
    My submissions:

    The mission is to kill all dead by one hero: Daryl. This is a moment when Daryl was looking for Sophia himself in the forest in Season 2.

    Walker type is normal, i.e. easy to kill.

    The mission can be divided into four parts.
    The first part is about killing 4 walkers. In the second part, 4 walkers reveal themselves again and of course the hero must them killing. In the third part joining to us other hero: for example Merle that he would help us kill 8 more walkers.
    In last part be that the hero must get to the designated place to end the game.
  • yairS117yairS117 Member Posts: 1

    Ok, i know it´s long, but i think it worth it. I call it; "The Escape"

    First yo will have to kill the two human enemies at the beginning and once that´s done the objetive will be activate the button on the wall, that will open the door... and let a lot of special walkers come out and hunt the player. After that the survivors will have to reach the exit while fighting some walkers and the special one´s, at half of the map there will be two paths, one with a container the player will have to move and the other unlocked but with a bunch of hungry walkers ready to eat your surivors :)
    Anyway, once you have reached the end there will be a whisperer (you know, that walkers that you shoot and then they turn into a human enemy) which players will have to kill and finaly reach the exit.

    For the first section i was thinking on a similar explosion like those in the level 8 of the 8A season missions, also once the initial walkers had came out there must be more common walkers spawning there.

    I apologise if there´s any writing mistakes, my mother language is spanish so... yeah i probably had some problems, anyway that´s my idea.
  • TWDaddictionTWDaddiction Member Posts: 492
    Im picturing a walker/whisperers vs survivor mission.

    There’s been numerous scenes lately where survivors are trying to stop the horde from getting into the camp.

    We can mix it up where there’s a fence in the middle with a horde trying to get in, and in the mix, whisperers (freemen). Their goal is to get through the fence obviously and I’m not sure how the coding would work, but the walkers could attack parts of the fence and after a certain amount of turns, they would bust through. This could be a kill all mission but the walkers would probably need to be on aggressive so they’re attacking the fence and trying to get through. Not sure how many walkers or freemen would be “fair” but to be realistic, it would need to be a pretty big number of walkers. Needs to be borderline overwhelming.
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