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    Hero’s have to kill a herd of walkers normal, tank and armoured, they can walk through after this but there will be traps which will spawn in more walkers, after this the main 3 evil hero’s will spawn in negan, governor and alpha you have to kill these 3 hero’s and progress to the finish
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    I think we all could make all season 1 to 6 please make it all season and new heroes Hershel and Beth please.
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    Here is mine....The Six Legged Spider....

    Zee Black - SG Woots - Playing since 2015.

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    First of all please update all the character's looks for ex. Aron or Michonne doesn't look like the one from s10.Then please add some real gem characters(Shane , Hershal , Judith ,Tyreese ,Simon
    Yumiko's group , Lydia etc) because there is Merle .
    Now the map, I can understand why you didnt add s1 to s6 except that Governer one but you all should add those great moments of s1 to s6 like The Hospital ,CDC , that highway after CDC ,the farm ,Daryl looking for sofia ,end of farm , prison , everyone after prison , Terminus , that night before Aron met the group , Wolves , after tower droped in Alexandria etc. But these are just Ideas , my Main Idea is to create a dark building like The one where Daryl first time fought Beta , and in that building we have to block the entry first but that will be a choice , what we really have to do is find supplies but inside there are 3 or something Whisperers and the mission could only be in 2 floors. In ground floor we have to block the walkers , 1st floor : we have to find supplies but nothing found and in 2nd floor : we have to collection supplies after fighting the Whisperer and walkers .We can add plenty of walkers inside the building to make it a real challenge and the building should be more like that Same Daryl vs Beta building from TWD episode or if making a building is not possible which might better u can add all this in a single floor but building might be better .For obstacles tables ,coubords , building poles might be better . And yeah you can add a new thing in a mission which can be a trap to make it more like a challenge .And characters can be of choice .
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    The prison from season 3 filled with walkers and a new survivor could be hershel/axel/Beth or Aaron
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    Copy and Paste to see Picture (Edit: picture link only works on laptop and computer, sry for that, idk how to post it without the link for some reason.)
    Name: Rescue Mission Siege
    Description: 1 Hero is trapped, 1 is in the middle of a fight with a Freeman and the other is sneaking around, zombies heard the gunfire and now it is a warzone, your team must fight through walkers and Freeman's, this is a challenging level as there is a lvl 10 stunning walker next to the Freeman's and there is a zombie pile in the top left corner. This level would need high health and multi-damaging survivors because of all the zombies that'll be surrounding your team, who are all split up and are all going to be doing some combat nearly every turn (except the one trapped). If the Heroes were according to the diagram, The shooter would be Rick (Has charge already), the Warrior would be Michonne (Has charge already) and the Assault would be Rosita.
    Main Goal: Save your 3rd hero and get the HELL OUT before the zombies pile up and trap you. (Had to draw weapons, couldn't be stuffed finding and editing pics to make it work :expressionless:)
    Edit: Finally got it to work. (I deserve those sad faces from the 2 people who sent them, sorry bout that.)
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    Walk From point A to point B, have to walk in the ditch, while zombie keep fallen from high ground (green area), can not attack zombie who are in the green area,
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    Glenn night mare, from season one. from point A should go to open chest at point B and return to point A, only one person can walk trough Maze at a time, no human can walk passing other human or zombie, in that maze space only for one person or zombie, while facing strong tank zombie they have to go to point B to open chess
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    River rescue

    3 survivors, starting location highlighted in yellow
    the one in section 1 must be a melee, the 2 in section 2 must be ranged.
    The black is a bridge that takes 10 turns to lower by an npc (red)
    Regular walkers continually spawn in section 1.
    Surivors in section 2 cover survivior in section 1 until drawbridge is lowered and everyone can enter green safe area
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    Need missions from season 1 to 6 with new heroes like Shane, Hershel, Tyresse...
    Missions in Atlanta survivors camp, hospital etc...
    You can add a mode when we can create our maps, a mode when a player control walkers and have to kill our three survivors !
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    More details in the description of the video
    Thank you 🙏 😊
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    Save Judith is the concept...
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    The mission is to destroy a bridge placing some explosive charge

    1 objective is to interact with points A (2 turn interactions), after you complete both second phase starts.
    2 objective is to interact with points B (2 turn interactions), every turn walkers will come from every point C ( if a survivor is on C square then the walkers wont spawn on that square).
    3 objective escape from the starting point, when all 3 survivors get to the exit zone the bridge will explode and the mission ends.

    The walker spawn will spawn 1 or 2 walkers every turn, the star is a heavy or armored walker.
    There are no walkers coming every X turn so shots wont attract more walkers.
    Sry for bad english not my first language.
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    I think a cool but challenging mission would be where it starts off in the forest with michonne and rosita michonne loose her sword which is in a box that takes three turns to open. It starts with five walkers on the map. When u get to the box and start opening it for three turns each turn 6 walkers spawn. Once the box is opened 10 walkers spawn and two of them are whispers. After u kill those 10 more walkers spawn and 2 whispers once all of them are killed 5 more walkers spawn with one being a whisper but is weak so easy to kill once all of them are dead the mission is complete
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    how about this. A harbor or something with the main characters spawning in one side. On the other side are 4 free men who will charge at you down the center. In the center on the sides are 2 doors that open when you pull a lever (1turn) this will cause about 4 swat walkers to come out of the 2 doors thus trapping the free men causing them to fight the walkers. Use this to your advantage to use the walkers to kill/weaken them while you make it easier on the walkers so you can kill/run by the eating/and/or dead walkers. The goal will be on the other side where the freemen spawned. Also walkers spawn from the doors the swat come from and after 5 rounds where you spawned.
    edit: i was gonna put a picture but i cant figure out how... so yea im not gonna win. but hey here it is.
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    My vote is yours too!!!
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    .This map has a simple gameplay, just as most normal missions in the game you have to collect all the supplies
    Considering that one of those crates Will not be collectable, the crates are those light green hexagons.
    .The yellow circles represents your survivors and where the misión Will start
    .Walkers and difficulty: this mission does not include a horde call so gunfire Will not attract more walkers, althought the big red square represents a pile of walkers
    So every 2 turns walkers Will appear from it. About type of walkers i put the armored ones (represented by those red pentagons), on the other side some normal walkers(represented by red circles) and the big deal of the mission the spiky ones(represented by those red stars)
    Raiders: I did put some of them(represented by those Orange circles) But they are not normal raiders, those are 2 whisperers one a bruiser and the other a scout, the bruiser one has a pentagon and the scout one has a thunder
    Obstacles: The only one i consider to make it a bit harder is a fence (represented by a grey column) this fence takes 6 turns to get open


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    NOT A SUBMISSION!!!.... Just an idea..... Any chance we could please get a Bayou or Swamp level (synonymous to "Knee Deep" from Season 8B but with fan palms and cypress trees and the same greenish tint)... or more nighttime variants of current levels (analogous to "In the Dead of Night" Challenge) with creepy/mist fog?...

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    > @Verdao1914 said:
    > Destroy the bridge and prevent the horde from reaching Alexandria.
    > This map aims to honor one of the most remarkable moments of the last years of the series. It is the episode "What Comes After" (9x5) where Rick destroys the bridge that connects the communities and sacrifices himself to save Alexandria.
    > (Image)
    > In the structural part it is a map with a "standard" configuration (7x16) with 3 interaction areas, 2 explosives (3 turns each) and 1 detonator (1 turn).
    > Regarding the visual part on the map, it is possible to see the river passing violently under the bridge, some logs and wooden crates used in the construction, a barrel of fuel used to supply the chainsaws and in the middle of the bridge a cart and a crate containing a large number of explosives.
    > The objective of the mission is to prepare the explosives that are in the middle of the bridge (3 turns each) and proceed to the end where you will find the detonator that triggers the explosives.
    > At the beginning you will find 1 tank zombie and 3 or 4 normal zombies on the bridge, it is important to quickly eliminate the initial zombies because when the threat counter reaches 0 the horde will start to sprout on the left side of the map and will reach you in shortly.
    > You can choose to activate the two explosives simultaneously, which will save time but leave you with only one survivor available to attack the horde, or you can activate the explosives individually, allowing more zombies to reach the explosives, although you can have 2 survivors in this case.
    > The horde is basically made up of normal zombies with 1 or 2 specials in the middle of them. I thought of 2 tanks or tanks but I think it would be really challenging if they were 2 fast zombies, which would allow them to get to the explosives faster, although I hate them. (kkkkkkkk)
    > At the beginning of the map you can find a barrel explosive that will help you make way at the beginning of the mission or delete a part of zombies the horde while you are preparing explosives.
    > (Image)
    > After activating the explosives, your survivors must activate the detonator at the end of the map.
    > To complete the mission, all survivors must leave the wooden structure of the bridge before activating the detonator, which in turn will destroy the bridge.
    > If one or more survivors are still on the bridge at the time of the explosion, they will be killed and the mission failed.
    > * At this point I have more than one option for the end. I would particularly like to see the bridge destroyed as in the picture, but I know that this would not be easy to do and I also imagine that not everyone will agree with the fact that it is necessary to move away before blowing up the bridge and thus risking losing the bridge. survivor and the mission with the explosion.
    > To avoid this after the explosives are ready, the area of ​​the bridge that will explode could be highlighted to serve as an alert and everyone knows that it is necessary to leave it or simply the mission could end as it happens in the mission "the tank" that after the explosion the mission comes to an end.
    > Okay, that's all!
    > But first of all, I would like to congratulate NG for the initiative. It is not difficult to find several good ideas for new survivors, weapons and game improvements here on the forum. All idealized with the sole purpose of adding to the game. When you envision a contest like this, it is a way of getting to know this effort from a good part of your players, regardless of any award or choice, I am very happy with it.
    > Thanks


    Parabéns pelo trabalho e dedicação!


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    Start with three survivors, but after completing an objective, continue on with only two survivors (choose one to stay and fix the car) and now continue to fight zombies with only 2 survivors. After killing an incoming horde, another survivor helps the first fix the car. Now down to the final fight with only one of your survivors after (you choose) which survivor helps with the car, you move on with your last survivor to complete the round by fighting a final horde by him or herself until the first two survivors are finished fixing the car.
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    Mission: Save Lydia from Beta
    (protect the civilian)

    Heroes (2/3): Negan & Daryl

    Place: Old abandonned wooden cabin

    Ok, our heroes start at the end left of the cabin and at the right end the civilian is struggling (3 turns), tied to a chair, under the brutal arms of the most vicious villain ever (IMO) who is ever angrier after the death of his leader.

    After the first move from our heroes (2 turns left now) and provided that the room is looong enough horizontally, Beta's horde (well ok, actually a part of it) enter through the open door. If succeeding in saving Lydia, then back (now 3/3 heroes) again to the door / now a green highlighted exit. Meanwhile walkers keep on entering each damn round...

    Reward: Lydia tokens !!!
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    This map is the church massacre scene of the remaining terminus members from season 5, I figured that each room can have an enemy in it and all the players can play through this vicious fight scene when rick was the craziest he ever was. Also I’d like to see more iconic locations from the show be made into maps and we haven’t seen Gabriel’s church. If my idea isn’t considered for a challenge submission it would be cool if more iconic seasons were made like when u guys made missions based on Woodbury and that time period and mu idea was taken into consideration to be made into some kind of mission. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope that some maps of iconic locations are made into future missions.
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