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  • paeaeaeschpaeaeaesch Member Posts: 87
    One for the Boomers :wink:
    An homage to CS 1.6

    Name: nml_dust
    Objective: Kill all terrorists
    Enemies: Free Men, Metals, Armored, Explosives

    After you open the door (1 Turn) walkers start spawning every round from the right (two normal and one special). After two turns of spawn 5 Terrorists come through the door. Now you have to kill them before they reach the Point (cross the line).

  • JuubitoJuubito Member Posts: 1
    Name: Lakeside House

  • unagokunagok Member Posts: 5
    Name: Hold the Fort
    Objective: Kill all walkers.
    Special Enemies: Metalhead, Armored, Tank

  • unagokunagok Member Posts: 5
    Name: Cell Block D
    Objective: (i) Save Glenn. (ii) Kill all walkers.
    Special Enemies: N/A

  • LoganicLoganic Member Posts: 4
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    Ok I had a great third challenge idea. I can't describe it perfectly but it's good I think.

    The first level of the challenge will be your 3 characters spawning at the end of a road in a city, there will be 5 normal walkers and 2 swat zombies next to a swat truck on the other side of street/map. This will be your goal. Also on the map are 2 npcs (scouts) being attacked by walkers. Save them and get the seat supplies and run the top center of the map where the end will be. (Specials in the level will be swat only). This will represent the beginning of the apocolypes

    The 2nd level will take place in a big store. On the ends of the map there will be one layer tile places you can walk by. The majority of the map will be a mostly blank store with shelving in the map making the map a battle between shelving, I'm not good at explaining this. But shelving will cut the map into 4 hallways. The 1st and Last hallway will be 1 tile straight line. The middle 2 will be 2 tiles thick with shelving cutting the hallways off from each other. The goal will be to kill 3 freemen (i bruiser 1 shooter And 1 hunter) who have entered the store, 1 walker will spawn where the freeman spawn. Once the freemen are dead a lot of walkers will spawn where the freeman started. The freeman started in the northern area of the map. This causes the north to be full of walkers. Meanwhile when the freemen die a tank will emerge from unopenable doors that only open when the tank opens them which is when the free men die. The exit will be where the tank comes from.

    The third level will be a dirt road in the woods. You will spawn in the far left on the road. A crate will sit in the middle of the road. When you open the crate, 6 free men will emerge. (2 hunters on the end of the tile line on each end, a bruiser and a shooter on the far right end and 2 scouts will spawn where you spawned) your goal will be to kill them while normal walkers spawn in the 4 corners of the map. Once the freemen are dead you must run to the far left of the map.

    The 4th level will be in a factory or swamp (idk which one yet) and you must flee through the area from normal walkers and a tank who will spawn ahead of you. You must flee from a horde of normal and swat walkers while they chase you. You will spawn far right and get to the end of the map which is at the end of the swamp or right outside the exit of the factory (depends on which one). The goal is to get to a ad where 2 NPCs (2 shooters) wait for you.

    The 5th level will be at the gate of some survivor base. You will spawn in the southern center point while 3 friendly npcs will spawn in front of you. Your goal is to 1. Assist a friendly npc escape a walker. Once done he will flee to a lever or something and then will try to activate it (6 turns) you and the npcs must cover him while a lot of normal walkers enter the base. You must cover him. Once he has closed the gate you must kill all remaining walkers.

    The final level will be in the same as the fifth but there are a lot of walkers. Multiple npcs will be fighting walkers and be grabbed by them (4 total all scouts) you must save at least 1 of them who will then flee to where you spawn (southern central) you and the saved npcs will then attempt to survive. (You must survive while the npcs are optional after that point. They are just gonna assist you) after you survive 5 rounds the levels will end (hopefully with you surrounded by walkers)

    These challenge levels will be the story of your 3 people. The beginning of the end, surviving hostile survivors and hordes of the undead, and defending and perishing (hopefully if you are surrounded by walkers at end of 6th) in your home. A place you tried to call home. Yay I'm done typing this.
  • Gman74Gman74 Member Posts: 72
    I’m not a designer and my Excitebike maps were designed purely for huge jumps only. But it would be interesting to see 6 hero classes and 6 missions. Each mission would focus on a survivor class. One where the layout would vastly benefit one class or a bonus given to that class only. This way instead of playing one class bonus that eventually you ignore and switch to your A team. You would be compelled to use that class because the map was geared toward it. This would not only encourage changing up gameplay but perhaps utilizing normal survivors over a less suited hero. I will let the experts create the maps
  • unagokunagok Member Posts: 5
    Name: Line of Fire
    Objective: Kill all human enemies.
    Special Enemies: Assailants

  • mmssmmmmssmm Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
    Map title. 3 TEAMS
    Mission: kill all saviors.

    3 rooms with open doors that converge in a single room. Your opponents are 2 sets of 3 man saviors that will also fight each other. 3 teams fighting for survival.
    Blinded spots because od only door opening.

    Middle room will have a spawn of 3 walkers each turn for charging survivors.

    Possible strategy, wait up for the other 2 teams to kill each other.
  • GrendelGrendel Member Posts: 305
    Name: The Herd
    Goal: Kill 100 Walkers
    Setup: Walkers spawn on the left. Team spawns on the right. Exit on right.
    GamePlay: Frequent spawns (always from the left side), increasing difficulty. As level goes up, add Stunners, Spikes, Metalheads, Fastwalkers, and anything else you can think of.
  • ethmann12ethmann12 Member Posts: 1
    Magna’s Group escaping Coalport Maybe a kill all walkers and open gate Mission
    Maybe playing as Magna and yumiko
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    March 26
  • DarkFrammedDarkFrammed Member Posts: 1
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    The escape from Terminus at 5x01, with Rick, Glenn and Daryl making their way out through the canibals, and through the herd of the walkers until the rest of the group trapped at the container. Reach them and free them is the first objective, and them go to the fence to escape, killing all the walkers in your way while the Canibals is trying to stop you from reach your exit.
    And the type of Walkers will be the normal Walkers and the Burning walkers
  • LootHoarderLootHoarder Member Posts: 123
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    For those who didn't think Loothoarder could go 4 for 4 on designing a map a day, maybe you forgot that the world is cooped up in their bases!
    Remember to practice social distancing and minimizing contact and all that... Stay safe in there, survivors.

    On that note, Loothoarder humbly brings to you today's map... Uninvited Guests.

    Name: Uninvited Guests
    Objective: Kill the Whisperers, then Go to Exit
    Special Enemies: Boom Barrels, Goo, Metalhead, Whisperer

    Map Outline
    Starting points for survivor placement are indicated by the 1 2 and 3 tiles at the right side of the map
    Light Blue tiles are the escape zone, Light Grey tiles are the path, Dark Grey tiles are walls
    Brown tiles indicate a sand trap containing one of the following (all aggressive):
    - 2 x normal walkers
    - another set of 2 x normal walkers
    - 3 x normal walkers
    - 1 x metalhead
    - 1 x goo
    At the start of each round, these 5 possibilities are scattered randomly among the 5 sand traps on the map.

    In each section marked with a red rectangle, the following will start on the map in a random location within the designated section (all wandering except for the boom barrels):
    - Section 1: 5 x normal walkers, 1 x whisperer disguised as normal walker (random class), 1 x boom barrel
    - Section 2: 6 x normal walkers, 1 x goo, 1 x metalhead, 1 x whisperer disguised as normal walker (random class), 1 x boom barrel
    - Section 3: 5 x normal walkers, 1 x goo, 1 x metalhead, 1 x whisperer disguised as normal walker (random class), 1 x boom barrel
    With the only caveat being that the boom barrels are not allowed to spawn on top of the sand traps or any of the leftmost tiles adjacent to the door or a wall

    Map Legend
    Starting points for survivor placement are indicated by the 1 2 and 3 tiles at the far right of the map
    Ending point is at the far left of the map behind a door (takes 3 turns to open) and is marked with a light blue rounded rectangle
    Sand traps with red question marks will spawn one of the 5 possibilities mentioned above in an aggressive state randomly spawning into any of the available tiles on the sand trap or around it.

    A horde of walkers lies between you and home. Reports say they were herded here by Whisperers. Kill the whisperers to secure the location and get safely home.

    Seeing as this is your home you're running to, you've got full visibility because your survivors were smart enough to have cleared out all objects and trees to hide behind when you established your base camp so that raiders couldn't take cover behind them when they tried to storm your base. You've set walker traps in the dirt to slow attackers, but you know the path safely through. Beware of whisperers hiding among the walkers. Reveal and kill them to distract walkers while you run up to and unlock your doors and run into your base camp. You could choose to take it slow and steady, or use ranged classes or baiting tactics to reveal whisperers to distract/clump walkers. Try going safely through the path or run through traps to reach your home faster or just blow your own path through with the boom barrels.

    After turn two, on every turn, a normal walker will spawn in from the top and a normal walker will spawn in from the bottom of the map in the following sections based on survivor progress:
    - If survivors have not yet entered Section 3, then walkers will spawn in section 1
    - Once survivors have entered Section 3, they will spawn in section 2.
    On every walker wave, the amount of walkers that spawn in each round will increase by 1 with odd numbers randomly distributed to either the top or bottom of the section based on tile availability.

    All sand traps can be avoided but you could also choose to run through them for speed, especially if there is a whisperer about to go down and distract the spawned walkers. You must kill all three whisperers before you can exit the level but you don't need to wait until the whisperers are dead before you start opening the door. Once you make your way to the door, it will take a survivor 3 turns to interact with it. Why does it take you 3 turns to open your own front door, you ask? Not just because it takes 3 turns for walkers to eat a whisperer, but because your survivors take their home security very seriously. They're staying safe in there like Daryl taught them. Once the whisperers are dead and the door is opened, enter the base to exit the level.

    Wave Mechanic
    First walker wave is after turn 4 and every 4 turns thereafter. Waves spawn along the top and bottom tiles (or closest available to if enough tiles are blocked) and will spawn evenly distributed in specific sections based on survivor progress across the map:
    - If survivors have not yet entered Section 2, then waves will spawn in section 1 and to the right of section 1
    - If survivors have entered Section 2 but not Section 3, then waves will spawn in sections 1 and 2
    - If survivors have entered Section 3 but have not started interacting with the door, then waves will spawn in section 2
    - If survivors have started interacting with the door, then waves will spawn in sections 2 and 3

    With the rapidly shifting walkers in the wide open terrain and random possibilities from the sand traps and whisperer reveals, this map should always feel a bit different whenever played. It should also allow for differing combinations of viable teams at higher RSL given the distraction/burst tactics from boom barrels and whisperers kills but should remain challenging because of the lack of terrain on the map to hide behind or kite around. The metalheads and goo walkers should make mass stuns a bit less certain as ways to delay walkers while opening the door but in concert with whisperer kills and boom barrels, there should be many different strategies to complete the level.

    And seeing as the art consists of swatches of the dirt template, 2 walls and a door, this one is safely said to be able to entirely be made with existing assets.
  • Kreven_06Kreven_06 Member Posts: 2
    I would say the farm from the walking dead season 2 while trying to save hershel/tori/Shane or T-dog and while the farm is filled with walkers
  • ReeconnReeconn Member Posts: 540
    Mission : Tunnels
    Objective : work your way through a labyrinth of dark tunnels
    Enemies : walkers & Saviors & Booby Traps

    Map Legends: In almost total darkness with only the odd flicker of light

    Gameplay: Make your way through a series of tunnels in a bid for freedom. So many tunnels but which is the correct one , take the wrong one and face walkers , Saviors or even booby traps . Wait in hiding until the walkers pass through a tunnel or fight to see if its the right tunnel

    Top Tip : Lead with Beta to move the Horde or chat and distract the Saviors
  • KasimirKasimir Member Posts: 189

    Yellow: start zone
    Green exit
    Blue: pond
    Light blue: swamp... you can go there but you cant pass over
    Red: 3 crates to open
    There is 1 stinky fattie , a few walkers and spawns
  • KasimirKasimir Member Posts: 189

    Corona Outbreak:
    The survivors start from the yellow ares. Beside the white ambulance car is a crate with hazard suits... it takes 3 moves to open it. The spawns infectet walkers (could have yellow suits) comes from the green telt. Here is also a stinky fattie (olive green). Light green is exit
  • TCBRITOTCBRITO Member Posts: 419
    I will leave here the suggestion of a friend of my guild.

  • THORGON9THORGON9 Member Posts: 1

    Rescue Rick Grimes
  • Madmad67Madmad67 Member Posts: 4
    Hi all, my Dream Challenge is a simple map with all the various zombis represented and each class of free men, like the example below:

    Mission Name: Masterclass
    Objective: Clean the whole map
    Ennemis: One zombi from each type, one free man from each class.

    Thanks a lot,
  • JordanYukiJordanYuki Member Posts: 503
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    Submission #1
    Title: No seafood here
    Objective: Search for supplies and leave the area
    Special enemies: Tank / Goo
    Dimensions: 7X20
    Description: Search for supplies in the vending machines and in the crate then get back to the exit. Beware every time you interact with something a special walker gets out of hiding.
  • Magnelauge0Magnelauge0 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
    In s6:e3 when Glenn and the other guy is stuck on the garbage can and he has to escape
  • ShadowWalkerShadowWalker Member Posts: 1,164
    "The Dark Cave" or "The Dark Tunnel"

    Objective: Get to the exit. Going from left side to the right side.

    Initial Walkers:
    2 Normal Walkers on Fire
    1 Fatty
    2 Fast Walkers
    About 5 more Normal Walkers

    Map design:
    It will be long horizontally. There will be some scattered small rocks that block the path.

    Normally you can see the entire map as long as an object doesn't block your line of sight. In this map though the entire map will be completely dark. Your heroes can only see up to 2 spaces away, and 1 space around walkers that are on fire. There can also be some small rocks that block your path.

    Imagine the fear as you walk slowly not knowing what is coming toward you. Will a fatty come around the corner? Will a fast walker jump out of the darkness and make you shit your pants? Will you hate me for this? Hopefully, that's the point.

    If for some reason the fog of war can't be designed that way, then we can create a dark cave by placing boulders that block your line of sight. The first boulder (the one on the left side) will be in the middle of the map, there will be a second boulder on the top of the map, another on the bottom, and then a final one in the middle on the right side. Also, the walkers on fire can be changed to normal walkers if we are using the boulders.

    There can be a threat meter, or an autospawn near the begining to keep you moving forward. Maybe the initial walkers have to be changed then?

    I'll try and draw a map later, but the actual design isn't that important. I just want a dark map where you don't know what's coming at you.
  • CarlyCarly Member Posts: 3,101
    Map Name: Herd It Thru the Grapevine

    Objective #1: Locate Food (grapes)
    Objective #2: Return to Exit

    White arrows show available space for survivors path.

    Map will have threat counter. When counter hits zero, corners will spawn either 2 or 3 walkers. Spawn blocks available in these locations.

    If you have to check the red F, this will spawn a Heavy near start/exit. Heavy is blockable with one survivor if can get there.

    Body pile in center produces 3 walkers every other turn.

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    100% FTP
  • roxyy141roxyy141 Member Posts: 11
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    Submission #1
    Title : Beach Party
    Objective : Kill all walkers
    Description: I made a map where you need to explore to kill all walkers. At the beginning you have 2 paths, a wider area with a herd of normal walkers and a narrowed path with a spiked walker and a couple of normal walkers. After clearing a path you can clear the other one or make your way to the beach where a tank walker is waiting. But be careful reaching certain points in the map will spawn more walkers!
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