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    My Submission is for a new "series" of challenge levels, named "Save your camp".
    All levels in this series will present the same elements the players use to create their camps. Of course, it will no represent each player's camp, they will only have the same elements: the walls, towers, mission car, tents, etc.
    I am suggesting the rough ideas six levels for this new series, and create an image so we can have a better idea of how a level like this would look like.
    I believe playing to "save your camp" will be a refreshing idea and the players will really like it.
    1) The pit has breached! Objetives: 1) Close the Pit fence 2) Push the bus to close the walls. The level begins with the player charaters away from the entrance, and some walkers entering the camp. Inside the pit new walkers are generated every turn.

    2) Fire in the camp! Flaming walkers entered from a breach and put our medical facility and our tents on fire Objetives: 1) Put out the fires 2) Close a breach in the wall 3) kill all walkers (include flaming walkers)

    3) Attack from the Freeman! Freemen pushed the bus and invaded your camp. Objectives: 1) Kill the human enemies that entered the camp 2) Push the bus to close the camp

    4) The horde is here - and made a huge breach in your wall! Objectives: 1) Gather pieces of wood to close the wall 2) Close the wall 3) Kill all walkers

    5) The Whisperes attack! A breach on the wall is used by the whisperes to enter your camp Objectives: 1) Kill the walkers 2) Kill the whisperes 3) Push mission car to close gap in the wall

    6) Save the Tomatoes :D ! Various types walkers are coming from a breach on fire on the wall and smashing the tomatoes. Objectives 1) Pick the tomatoes 2) Close the wall 3) Kill all walkers
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    Another idea for a new "series" of challenge levels, named "Get into the safehouse".
    All levels in this series will present a large number of walkers, whisperers and/or raiders, and a safehouse where the player must get his characters into, and then close the door or doors to get safe. Once the doors are closed, the level ends.
    We have a lot of levels where the player must open or close doors and gates, push cars to open or close spaces, but thw twist of this series I'm suggesting is that the characters are looking of a safe place to lock themselves into, so they can wait the walkers to leave, or take a break so they can come with a new plan...

    I create an image so we can have a (very) rough idea of how a level like this would look like. In this case, the player's characters must go inside the house, and then close three doors while killing all enemies that are entering the place.

    The levels of these series can have a variety of obstacles, and the safehouse can be a room inside a larger building, or be a fence that isolates part of the level, or a place that can be closed pushing cars or containers. Also, the doors or gates can start the level closed, so the player must first open the entrance, move all characters inside, and then close the entrance.
    The idea of the "safehouse" series can, also, be used along with levels that were suggested by other players, to improve the challenge on some levels.
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    Submission created by Z Hunter
    Roamers End

    Title: Supplies on the lake

    Based on Season 7, Episode 8 Midseason Finale “ Hearts Still Beating”

    Story line: Rick and Aaron scavenge for supplies, guns and ammo on a houseboat in the middle of a lake.

    Object: Get the supplies from the Houseboat

    1. Start with three survivors on shore near a small flat boat
    2. Two of the survivors get into the small boat
    3. The survivors must paddle the boat out to the Houseboat in the middle of the lake
    4. Each turn the two survivors can either paddle or defend against Walker attacks from walkers in the water
    5. Some walkers are visible on the surface and other walkers pop up as the small boat moves and attack
     6.The two survivors in the boat must get to the Houseboat in five (5) moves or less or the small boat will sink, mission fail
     7.Once on the Houseboat they must eliminate one walker and open the supply chest
     8.Then the two must paddle the Houseboat to the shore (2 moves), walker cannot attack Houseboat
    9.Once the Houseboat is next to shore, the two survivors can move to the exit, may have to fight walkers on shore
    10.The third survivor functions as an overwatch; can assist taking out walkers in the water or on land
    11.The third survivor must move to the exit by land; either along the top or bottom
    12.Add floating bodies in water
    13.Put a van for the supplies at the exit
    14.There will be some spawn sites throughout the area for walkers
    15.Walkers will be Normal, Tank, Spiked types

     Map
    A challenge for the player and game designer!

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    Play the Copy of Eck’s Comm

    A Dream Challenge Map

    By VirtualSwayy

    Featuring… An optionally farmable end-zone (because this Eck’s comm copy is love!)

    {meaning: exit is enabled right beside you after 5 turns}
    {meaning: this is Farmsville baby! Want 100 walkers? Go for it!}

    The Story of Eck’s Comm:
    Jonathon Eck (known simply as “Eck”) is a survivor that spent some time in Alexandria. Together with Eugene Porter, Eck built a series of radio repeaters and recruited and trained a group of relay operators (known as “Eck’s Men”). He sent a small, elite group of them (known as “Eck’s Force”) to reclaim and convert structures spread out over the eastern U.S. into bunkers to house the radio relays. Each of these bunkers became home to a brave radio operator, an Eck’s Man who lived there alone year-round. This network allowed distant communities to remain in contact by relaying information to a central bunker, “Eck’s Mansion”, where Jonathon Eck compiles it into a report that he broadcast each month. This vital monthly communication became known as “Eck’s Comm”.
    Eck’s monthly broadcast has become the closest thing this world has to “the news”. It contains news vital to all the communities that receive it, such as current patterns of mass walker migration. As soon as Eck’s Comm is received by the relay bunkers, the radio operator Eck’s men makes a copy of Eck’s Comm that can be rebroadcast. Every day they play the Eck’s comm copy, transmitting to all the nearby communities.

    The Current Eck’s Comm Crisis:
    Our nearest relay station is not playing their copy of Eck’s Comm. We have been unable to contact the Eck’s man in the bunker. Eck’s Force is e route to investigate, but their journey will take almost a week. Eck fears the worst, that walkers have overrun the bunker. He has asked us to investigate, to find the copy if there is one, to play it, and defend the bunker playing the Eck’s comm copy.

    -------------------HERE IS THE MAP SET-UP WITH NO ACTION DESCRIBED----------------------

    ------------------- WILL EDIT POST AND ADD DIAGRAMS OF THE ACTION------------------------

    GAMEPLAY: (simple Version)
    1) Enter the bunker
    3) Get to the far side - BACK OF THE ROOM (desk there)
    4) RETREIVE TAPE; the Eck’s comm copy (Interact 1 turn)
    5) This causes spawns to enter through the back door (right near you)
    6) RETURN TO FRONT OF ROOM (entrance) walkers chasing from back
    8) Tougher spawns from back each turn – increasing difficulty of walker type, not level
    9) At turn 5 the entrance enables as an (optional) exit (it is right by you
    10) Continued interaction = continued spawns; players choice
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    Here is my Dream Challenge Contest Submission attached. My overall Series is called 'Road To Rick Grimes'. I have created 3 chapters on one map. Thank you
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    Objective: Raid the Raider's Hideout and Grab 3 Food Packages from Their Storages

    Created by: Thunderstorm
    Guild: The Bog Men

    This is my first submission. I hope my diagram is self-explanatory. Thank you.

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    My dream challange is: Loot 3 items (total boxes 9), open the gate (5 turns), defeat human enemies (total 4), bruisers and scouts takes +50% body shots. Players must use other weapon classes more often than those two.
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    Objective: Salvage Metal Parts from the Junkyard

    Created by: Thunderstorm
    Guild: The Bog Men

    This is my second submission (edited). Once again, I hope my diagram is self-explanatory. The template (8 x 20) is one grid larger than the normal template. Hope it can still be considered. Thank you.

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  • ThunderstormThunderstorm Member Posts: 89
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    Objective: Rescue A Survivor from Prison

    Created by: Thunderstorm
    Guild: The Bog Men

    This is my third submission (edited). I hope my diagram and instructions are clear. Thank you.

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    Make level when Rick kill Shane and after they have to protect Maggie Glen Beth Carol Hershel ect...and leave hershel farm

    Peaple:Rick Shane and Carl

    Where:Hershel farm

    Zombie: tank normal and faster
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    Hi everyone.

    Map name: Junkyard invaders

    Mission objective: Kill all the walkers.

    - the fence on the left falls after a few turns letting the aggressive walkers attack the surviors;
    - the second fence falls when the walkers reach it; pushing the wheeled generator against it gains an additional turn;
    - search for the machine gun missing part inside the boxes (optional); searching the red boxes spawns a heavy walker;
    - use the machine gun against the walkers for additional damage (optional);
    - shoot the explosive barrels if it helps (optional);

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    Map name: Pirate wars

    Mission objectives: Gather supplies from the box. Go to exit.

    - fight the walkers and the freemen;
    - retrieve the loot from the box;
    - shoot the goo walkers to stun the freemen (optional);
    - go back to the exit;
  • 630r63630r63 Member Posts: 3
    Map name: Push-to-pass

    Mission objective: Go to exit.

    - one explosive walker spawns at the beginning; an additional explosive walker spawns every time the previous one is killed;
    - lead the explosive walker towards the burning fence to make it explode in the area and destroy the fence;
    - use the moving cars to guide the walker (optional); moving the cars creates noise and increases threat;
    - walkers spawn every few turns from the walker piles;
    - use the garbage bin to block one of those spawns (optional);
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    Here's my submission :)

    Cheers and good luck to everyone !
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    Submission #5

    Title: Leave everything behind

    Special enemies: Metalhead and Fast walkers

    Dimensions: 7X20

    Objectives: Lower the bridge to escape then burn it down behind you so the walkers don’t follow you.

    Description: In this map you’ll have to lower the bridge (5 turns) then burn it behind you (3 turns) so the herd doesn’t follow you.
    - When starting the challenge a metalhead will spawn on one of the red X’s.
    - The metalhead is there to act as a shield for walkers behind him and if you don’t kill him he should be 2 spaces away from your team once the bridge is lowered.
    - Every turn at least 2 fast walkers will spawn on the red X’s.
    - Orange X’s only spawn normal walkers.
    - Every turn a number of normal walkers will spawn on the red and orange X’s.
    - After all your heroes/survivors crossed the bridge you may interact with it to set it on fire.
    - After the bridge falls you must kill all the walkers on your side before leaving.
    - Use the explosive barrels wisely to help you survive.
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    Kia ora tatou,

    Hope I'm getting these submitted in time! I've written up two challenge scenarios: the research facility raid is a search and rescue, and the hunting lodge is a kill 'em all.

    I also didn't read the instructions, so there are 6 maps in each. Should I submit the best maps as individual posts?

    Good luck everyone, and here's to playing some new missions.
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    Sorry for the inconvenience, but due to being so busy this past 2 weeks I will be posting my map concept tomorrow, and I completely understand if you exempt my entry for late submission.
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    Raid the research lab

    Scenario: player team must search 3 walker research labs to collect medical supplies.
    Each lab contains medical equipment, research stations, and gurneys. All doors take 1
    action point to open, and cannot be closed again. The 2 smaller labs each have 2 doors
    at either end of the hallway. The large lab holds 8 tank walkers (a mixture of standard
    and infectious), 4 each shut inside 2 reinforced perspex containers, which block all
    Mission 1: Retrieve all supplies
    Player team must retrieve all 3 usable medical kits, one from each lab. Normal walkers
    spawn from the exit area, and one from the end of the narrow hallway at left of the map.
    The hatches to the walker tanks in the large lab can be opened individually with the
    switches at the front of each tank, for 1 action point, but cannot be closed again. When
    the medical kit in this lab is retrieved, if either of the tanks are still locked, the switches
    will short out, and all hatches will open to release any remaining walkers.
    Mission 2: Get to the exit
    Exit points are highlighted when all medical kits are retrieved.
  • rapitinuirapitinui Member Posts: 5
    Escape the facility

    Scenario: player team must locate the remaining medical supplies in a warehouse area,
    and find their way to a roller door, to escape through the cart dock. The way is blocked
    by crates and containers stacked to various heights, 3 of which are highlighted as
    searchable. There are 2 smaller movable crates which can be pushed in any direction
    for 1 action point.
    Mission 1: Retrieve all supplies
    Player team must retrieve all 3 medical kits from the marked crates. Walkers behind the
    first movable crate are not active until the crate has been pushed forward twice, so that
    they do not block the way by moving around. If the player attempts to push the crate
    back into place from the other side, active walkers may block its movement from behind,
    needing to be cleared. Similarly, walkers behind the second crate should not block its
    movement forward. The second crate cannot be pushed back into place. Normal
    walkers spawn from the entrance area.
    Mission 2: Get to the exit
    The roller door in front of the exit points takes 4 action points to open. When it is raised,
    2 tank walkers enter from the right of the map.
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    Lodge offices

    Scenario: player team must explore the manager’s office, to collect supplies and sweep
    for walkers. All doors take 1 action point to open, and cannot be closed. The décor is
    old-fashioned, with hunting trophies (deer, game fish) displayed on the walls.
    Mission 1: Retrieve all supplies
    Player team must search behind the counter to find the keys to the lodge. If a character
    attempts to open the rear door without the keys, they get the message, “You need a
    key.” When the door is unlocked, 4 normal walkers spawn from the entrance area.
    Player team must then retrieve supplies from two marked areas in the storeroom at left
    of the map. The shelving here is high enough to block visibility and attacks. When all
    supplies have been collected, the mission updates to “Kill all walkers.”
    Mission 2: Kill all walkers / Get to the exit
    When the bathroom door is opened, 4 normal walkers spawn from the ends of the
    hallway. Exit points are highlighted when all walkers have been put down.
  • rapitinuirapitinui Member Posts: 5
    Secure the lodge

    Scenario: player team must sweep the remaining cabin, secure the area, and deal with
    a walker horde to get out. It is now almost completely dark.
    Mission 1: Get to the exit / Kill all raiders
    The fence blocks movement, but is low enough to allow visibility and attacks. When the
    cabin door is opened, raiders attack, and the mission updates to “Kill all raiders.” The
    gate in the fence takes 2 action points to open; if it is opened before the cabin door, the
    raiders open the door and attack the player team from inside the cabin, and the mission
    updates to “Kill all raiders.” Normal walkers spawn from the left of the map. When the
    gate is opened and all raiders are dead, the mission updates to “Secure the area.”
    Mission 2: Secure the area / Kill all walkers
    The gate takes another 2 action points to close, and can be blocked by walkers. When
    the gate is closed, walkers stop spawning, and the mission updates to “Kill all walkers.”
    Mission 3: Survive the herd
    When all walkers are dead, 3 waves of normal walkers start spawning from the top and
    right of the map, and the mission updates to “Survive the herd.”
    Mission 4: Get to the exit
    Exit points are highlighted when the third wave of walkers has spawned.
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    Jammin in another before the thread gets locked! Ty again for the fun times creating all these and good luck to all submitters!

    Name: Balance Beam
    Objectives: Connect the path, Detonate the Explosives, then Go to Exit
    Special Enemies: Fast, Spiked, Tank

    Map Outline
    Starting points for survivor placement are indicated by the 1 2 and 3 tiles at the left of the map. Light Blue tiles are the escape zone and are only lit up once the explosives have detonated. Light Grey tiles are the path, Blue tiles are the river and unable to be walked upon.
    Brown tiles are the beam and not able to be walked upon until the beam is in place. Once the beam is in place, then all brown tiles are able to be walked upon like the normal path.
    Red tiles are portions of the beam survivors must push to move the beam into place. They are flashing red to indicate walkers will spawn on each push. On each push, 2 normal walkers will spawn in random positions in the yellow section (starting wave zone). Green tiles are spots where survivors must be positioned to move the beam on initial spawn (interaction points will move with the beam).
    The Yellow sections indicate where walkers will spawn on threat waves starting on turn 6 and every 6 turns thereafter. The spawn zone changes from the single zone along the left side of the map to the sections indicated in the bottom picture once the beam has been moved into place. In addition to the regular threat based wave spawn, 2 fast walkers will spawn randomly placed in the starting points for survivors. These will be in an aggressive state.
    The Red section is the initial spawn zone and will randomly contain the following (all in a wandering state):
    3 x normal walkers
    1 x tank
    with the only caveat being that they are not allowed to spawn on any of the brown or red tiles where the beam starts. If walkers are blocking any tile which would impede movement of the beam, the "things in the way must clear the path first" message will be shown and the beam will not move.

    Orange tiles indicate explosives which need to be rigged (2-turn interaction each) and the Purple Tile is the plunger to detonate the explosives (1 turn immediate interaction). Purple L-Shapes indicate wall placements that your survivors can hide behind to protect themselves from the explosives.
    Green circles are places where walkers can spawn in on the turn following the beam moving into place (not immediately upon the beam moving into place - so survivors are able to react to them spawning in). The following will spawn in randomly assigned positions marked by the green circles:
    2 x Fast walkers
    1 x Spiked walker

    Initial Spawn Example
    This is what the map will look like at the beginning with the starting spawn. In this randomly assigned setup, there are walkers in the way of moving the beam right off the bat but it's possible that based on starting positions that survivors might be able to interact with the beam once or even twice without attacking a walker.

    After the Beam is Moved into Position
    Once the beam is moved into position so that survivors may cross the river, walkers will spawn in at the end of the turn so that survivors will see them spawn in and can choose to attack them now, run from them to the explosives and choke point them on the beam, etc. The combination of fast walkers and one spiked spawning in random places near the beam give a chance to have different setups which would cater more to one strategy or the other depending on team composition.

    After the Explosives are Detonated
    Once you blow the explosives, the beam is destroyed and any walkers on the beam at the time of the explosion are killed.

    You're coming back from a successful scavenge mission but you're only steps ahead of some hungry hungry walkers. Worse, there are walkers in the way of the makeshift bridge. Cross the river, then blow up the path behind you and head for home!

    At the beginning, you've got some choice as to how quickly you want to deal with the beam or the walkers surrounding it and the randomized initial spawns can sometimes help direct your strategy if they are blocking the beam from movement. The tight quarters supports a varied type of gameplay with AOE heavy survivors being useful at the early stages of the map - Assaults with the decimator, warriors with either classic sword or dragon's tongue, bruisers with staff/festive lucille, etc. As you interact with the beam and sets of walkers spawn in randomized spots in the yellow section in the wireframe, they may or may not be clumped and you may or may not choose to try and push for clumping by interacting with the beam while there are still walkers up from the initial spawn.

    Once you've pushed the beam into place, the fast and spiked walkers will be revealed. You can choose to hit them now or run it over the beam to allow them to get choke pointed as they cross the river and you can try and align the positioning based on their spawns to try and lead with either a fast or the spiked, or run back to the starting area to take them down slowly before threat waves which will mostly spawn in the far zones now that the beam is in place. When you go across the beam to arm the explosives, you've got another choice as to how fast you want to arm them - either both at once with a single survivor to hold the line on the beam choke point or one at a time with perhaps a bruiser and ranged attackers behind him with a dragon's tongue or spear, or use a shooter or hunter to set walkers on fire as they get slowed down in the choke point.

    Once you've armed the explosives, clear the area (anywhere behind the walls or outside a normal explosion zone, hit the plunger to blow up the beam and protect your base. Fight your way to the escape zone to finish the level (it is not necessary to clear the end area of walkers prior to finishing the level - just make it to the exit).

    I think everything should be able to be created with existing assets and interaction logic but you might use something a bit better than what i chose for the beam lol - i used a tree and repurposed the bar from the gate to Alexandria for the interaction crossbeam. Also might have better piles of explosives rather than my floating barrels :) - all assets can be substituted as needed for ease of coding and style.
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    Created by Grumpy Rick
    Name „Where the hell“
    Objective open the doors

    You start with 3 survivors and or heroes.
    Four houses surround you on each side.
    You have to open the doors to the empty house where the exit is.
    Each door takes three turns to unlock.
    The right door is always randomized.
    Behind each door are 7 normal walkers and behind each door there is a randomized though walker.
    Behind the correct door is one freeman.
    You have to kill the freeman.
    After that get all your characters to the exit and your done.

    For map detail

    The Hauses should be run down and look like tiny little cottages.
    They should also be overgrown.
    One crashed bicycle next to one of the houses.
    Long knee length grass everywhere except for a small crossroad leading to the different houses.

    And that was my idea thanks for reading.
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    Map Name : Cargo crisis at the pier

    Description : Shock horror! The Zombie hordes take over our pier

    Mission objective : 1.gather all supplies, 2.Go to exit.

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    Título.......EL LABERINTO
    Las líneas rojas es la alambrada
    También se puede modificar cuando sean 4 supervivientes
  • Mario_RomeroMario_Romero Member Posts: 238
    Here is the pdf if that is easier
    BuddyCarylLady J
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