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    Everytime I thought of an idea someone beat me to it, usually better! :p
    I guess I'm left with more of a suggestion idea that could be used in many scenarios. How about a map set where there would be the goal of rescuing/helping survivors or capturing saviors/raiders and getting to keep them (or retire them), much like the Story Missions. Throughout the Challenge you would obviously acquire many 1,2,3,☆ garbage people, but you could give us a chance at the occasional Jackpot 5☆ keeper, who knows maybe a unicorn!
    That's my 2 cents.
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    Those are my submissions, continuing from the first submission suggested:

    Submision 2: Home Sweet Home

    In this submission survivors must get the house, closing the door and remaining inside the fence.


    After that, a few zombies will go outside the house. Survivors must kill them all for finish the submission


    The zombie threat will appear in both sides of the screen as it shown in the second picture.
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    My Submission 3: Helicopter

    This time, survivors must keep all the supplies, by searching for the three correct boxes (the white ones).


    After that, they need get the helicopter and scape before the herd catch them.

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    @Fluxxx I didn’t here back from you regarding my error submitting all 5 of my maps in one video - If I am lucky enough to win one of the prizes , I will be able to edit down my video to isolate the chosen map if necessary, just let me know!
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    Submission 4: Landing

    After survivors have scaped, they will land in a nearby forest.
    First of all, they must save a survivor who is under attack!!!


    When the new one will be safe, all must go to the car at the end of the screen.


    The zombie threat appears at the beginnig of the screen and at the rigt side.
  • SupermiguienteSupermiguiente Member Posts: 5
    Submission 5: Go Shopping

    For this submission, survivors must fing the three correct boxes into the city mall.

    This could be an easy adventure, only with the shown enemies.

  • SupermiguienteSupermiguiente Member Posts: 5
    Submission 6: Stay alive

    The end submission will be a big battle. The Freemen have discovered the house and want to get it.

    Freemen appear whit a van plenty of zombies and another pickup: one of the freemen crash the pickup, breaking the fence. After that, the other three freemen will release the walkers and will attack after the zombies.
    Walkers don´t attack the freemen with them, only will attack the survivors.


    It is a kill them all submission. Survivors are near the house and the freemen are behind the walkers
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    edited April 2020
    I was going to develop more than one version of this map, but couldn't get a satisfactory set up for standard sized maps. Oh well, here goes:

    Name: Hedge Maze.
    Mission Type: Kill All Walkers
    Enemies: 4 Normal, 2 Tank, 1 Goo (+1 difficulty level)

    Design Goals: For this map, I wanted a claustrophobic feel without necessarily having choke points. All object blocks are "high hedges" that block sight lines with no "hard corners." The starting zone is in the middle of the map which puts the survivors in the middle of the action. Spawn zones for the special zombies will be in each quadrant of the map with one special zombie spawning randomly in each sector and one sector left open. Normal zombies may spawn in any location greater than 2 spaces from the starting location.

    Note: Map is a non-standard 12x12 grid. However, much of the space is occupied by obstacles, so the play area is much smaller.

    Thank you!
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    Great stuff @TJCart - You sure like the rounds with a surprise around every corner! I noticed on the @JayZ you are helping out with the strategy compendium, are you in the Mavericks family also?
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