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Rather than just leap into the fray, I am going to try to have a sort of working group to solicit early advice on alpha and beta designs.

I plan to use the following notations, but let me know if you can think of an easier method to document objects and timings:
B	= Blocks all sight, fire, and movement
M = Block movement but not sight or fire
C = Blocks movement and provides cover
S = Stops movement when entered
Gn = Gate, door, panel, etc. to open or close, taking n turns
Cn = Chest, crate, dumpster, etc. to search for n turns
X = Exit zone
E = Exploding barrel
E# = Explosion zone #
T# = Triggers explosion zone #
Pn = Player number n starting location
Wal = Walker starting location, type a :
N = Normal A = Armored
T = Tank G = Goo
F = Flaming E = Exploding
S = Spiked M = Metalhead
locomotion l :
U = Unaware W = Wandering
A = Aggressive
Sa-y-z = Walker spawn location, type a, every y turns starting turn z
Note: If y is 0, the walker only spawns once.
Px-y-z = Walker pile with x walkers every y turns starting turn z
Ea = Enemy of class a :
A = Assault B = Bruiser
H = Hunter W = Warrior
S = Shooter K = Scout

text = Description or art asset (ex: tree)


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    Following The Silent Hedges


    A. Top line is high Walker risk.
    B. Bottom line is easier but exposes you to Enemy Hunter for longer.
    C. Take too long and the Goos get ya!
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    I wanted to note that the "S A-1-3" is, like, the Knights Templar coming out of the tomb to avenge you robbing the sepulchur. But it is what it is, without special triggering programming.

    (Hmmm... might need notation for triggered spawn, like triggered explosion. Maybe T# means "Triggers zone #, be it an explosion, a spawn, etc" and then make the E# or C# have zone values. Thus, zones would be, like, Greek alphabet? *wow* Hard to encode everything NG has programmed into maps these days!!)
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