Noob Questions: Pink Stars pro/cons + badge cycles

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TLDR in bold below...

I'm a new(ish) player. My survivors and heroes are almost all at 17, and my A-team has a mix of legendary, rare, and below badges, B-team and below has mostly 1-2 star badges or no badges at all).

I've gotten enough tokens now that I could at least single pink star (maybe double a couple) the base survivor classes, and I think I could 1 star hilltop Maggie. My base survivors of each class have optimal traits (according to the @JayZ sticky post; thanks for that amazing resource), so I wouldn't be wasting tokens leveling them (I don't think). So far though, I have refrained from pink starring anything, so all my guys are (self)capped at 5star5/5/5/5/5. That way I feel like I know what to expect as far as the levels of the scaling content I will face. My question is regarding how difficulty/enemy levels will be different, once I do decide to pink star...

I know what the effect will be on my survivors/heroes from reading some very good posts on this forum. However, I'm not sure what it will do to the scaling enemies I face. More to the point, I'm unsure whether...

It's smart (or not) to pink star survivors at my level? Especially since I don't have enough to pink star every hero. Wouldn't I be nerfing the +1 level advantage to body shots my heroes currently have?

Also does it go off top three? SO I can pink star one for free (since it wouldn't be raising the top 3 average if it rounds down to the nearest whole number level)? Or will doing even one change things? Or... is it such that I could do more than one without triggering a change? If so how many?

TLDR; Basically, my question in general, is this: can you guys help me understand how pink stars will change the difficulty/enemy level, how/if that will nerf the combat performance of things I DON'T pink star, and whether or not its a smart thing to do at my current level?

Thanks in advance for helping a new player figure out how/if to progress.


P.S. Side question: Is the information in the @jayZ sticky guide regarding badge cracfting cycles still current? I've done what it says, but I don't get a string of more than 2-3 badges before it deviates from the cycle in the guide. I've also gotten one or two badge combinations that don't appear in either of the cycles at all. Thanks again for your help.

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    The crafting guide is still in effect, are you using the correct recipe? Like 1 component of each kind etc?
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    Yes I have been using "one of each" recipe, although I did start mixing t1 and t2 after a while of getting weird results. Then I just fell off the wagon completely and went all rando bc I couldn't make it work.

    Do all the test recipe components have to be the same tier? Like is it ONLY: "one of each" ALL t1? Or could I do "one of each" recipe with some t1 and some t2 and still have the test be valid?

    I haven't crafted one in a while so I forgot the exact order of the ones I already did. However, I have saved up some materials and I made a spreadsheet so I can record each attempt's inputs and outputs from now on. I probably have enough to do 5-6 tier1 badges except only 2 tier1 fragments. Also I have about 5-6 worth of t2 components, but only 2 tier2 fragments. So currently could do 4 t1/2 for testing, and when I get more t1-t2 fragments, I already have components for like 6 more ready to go, so I'll have a decent second test run of about 10 badges ready soon.

    If I post the results here could you take a look and see if you can tell me where I am going wrong?

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    I believe I have read that you have to use components of all the same rarity.I do anyhow, and I have had no issues.

    Pink stars should only affect the starting difficulty level of scavenge missions, Not challenges or guild war. So they’re definitely good and helping you get further in nearly all modes. The only exception would be if you are unable to complete scavenge missions at the hard level.Although if you could complete them at a level higher, then it would also be to your benefit as the rewards are greater as well.

    EDIT: Additional information.
  • VirtualSwayyVirtualSwayy Member Posts: 58
    OK thanks. I'm making up some T1 badges with the "One of Each [All T1]" recipe and will post results here so that maybe you guys can help me get it rolling.
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