Beta spring tokens

60spring tokens short to get beta and out of time for trade goods and daily challenges. Don't need to buy 500 will there be a smaller trade goods or gold option to top up?


  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,111
    If past events are any indicator no.

    Did you already reset the Distance for this week?
  • WeeandcrabbitWeeandcrabbit Member Posts: 3
    Yes I think i got everything but obviously not. Really didn't think I missed 3 trade goods or daily challenges and 60 seems odd number to be short. Got alpha with a few days to spare last time.
  • tustus Member Posts: 230
    I was 20 short for Aplha last time & my whining for less tokens at a reasonable cost , well , was pointless.

    While our guild was levelling alpha up, I ended up having to save 500 tokens to reluctantly unlock the toon. The experience has meant I've never used her & I've no intention but for outpost.

    I just made the cut this time & with Beta's traits, I wasn't going to miss him. Even if I had to purchase the tokens.

    I was told at the time by a senior, once you take the gold & any other bonus included in the package , its actually not a bad deal.
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