Caught at a Dead End

So I'm a lvl25 Player with a lv11 Council and I just beat the game (i.e. completed the last mission). What I didn't know was that doing this would kill my campfire so that I can't scavenge or progress anymore. I've tried the weekly challenge stuff but killing Lv3 walkers with Lv11 troops to get 300 food just isn't interesting or productive.

Am I missing something, or did I just effectively finish the game?


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    Cano comment on your observations as two missions to go, but based on what you said, I am not going to do these last missions!
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    The Zombies in weekly challenges will get level up each time you beat it, thus the rewards are also getting better in higher level, not even mention the rewards from the Guild you are in. Trying to get as much as possible in weekly challenges is a challenge for you. With your level you should beat 162 stars, give it a try and you will find it is really fun :D
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    New episodes will be coming soon in the next update. Meanwhile only thing you can do is to level up your resources to prepare for the new episodes or join a guild to earn the rewards. It may be a tad boring in the beginning but once you get over 120 stars, things start to get hot and better rewards beckon. Fancy joining our guild SG Legion? B)
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    You can still do deadly and exploration missions. It shouldn't stop that, and you can still upgrade your council and all your other buildings. I've been done with the story for two weeks and haven't had this issue.

    And yeah the challenge mission scale in level base on the number of stars you have earned in that mission. Every 3 stars the challenges increase by one full zombie level. Yes, if you only earn 2 stars you'll see a mix of that level and slightly higher level zombies. So if a mission says level 10 recommended, you'll see level 11's and 10's for the pre-spawned zombies.
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    THANKS! I didn't realize that the zombies leveled up as you moved up in Stars. I will give that a shot and see how it goes.

    Also, I was only going to my campfire to find missions. I just figured out I just need to go to the Map. I guess I will keep leveling up and see where the game takes me.
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    Let me be the first to welcome you to the real fight! >:)
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    You finished the game and didn't know you just needed to go to the map for missions? :) Thanks, good to know I am not the only person to make the occasional silly move. :blush:
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