Craft Badges - How random can not be random



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    Lol I never make comments like this but what do you want out of this post? Would you like to sue NG for millions of dollars because you think there might be a small chance that they are abusing the fair play act, Lol. You can see that you seem to be very alone with your posts, so maybe it’s time to take a step back in your thinking?

    random can be justified in so many ways. We don’t know the exact damage for instance, that’s enough to classify something as random, since we don’t know. Sure, it’s been a theme of NG when it comes to needing to word things a little different, but it still is random in even a small way. 

    Believe me, I get your frustration. This game over the last 4 years has made me more then frustrated and most can agree lol but again, you might need to step back and look at a different angle here. 
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    I can say they are not abusing the fair play act. I've been too busy to make memes on the subject. Maybe next week.

    There's always an early stampede at the beginning of anything, then it settles down into a sustainable pace. 
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    m4s said:
    And now, before the introduction of the new update, we find out that there is a much more extensive table with which you can make even better badges - random of course (BECAUSE OTHERWISE THAT RANDOM).
    This note of irony is perfectly justified at this point.
    Any attempts to explain this randomness have nothing to do with this extended version of creating badges.
    Who had access - this one had / has better,
    who didn't have - it's hard YOUR bad luck, don't be angry, keep playing, but what do you mean, etc ..

    In sum:
    on the forum we got scraps in the form of two tables: 1DR and 6DR,
    And in an undefined place, a full extended list with tables, conditional jumps - something like the Holy Grail in this game,
    You cannot make better badges with the full map, but you can make the best badges more often if you know the whole map. It is a map that hasn't been released on the forums because it was just finished, and it is perhaps not relevant after the update. But just check out the discord server, which is open for everyone, and you will find the map.
    I am collecting badge crafting results. If you want to contribute please note down as much about each crafting as you can in the sequence you craft and send it to me. Recipe, effect and bonus condition is especially interesting.
    Discord server to discuss badge crafting:
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