What is unicorn?

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Hello everyone i recently read a post and the thing that called my attetion is that some users asked if one of his survivors is "unicorn", like what is unicorn? Are my survivors "unicorns"?

These are the best i have. Any opinion? Suggestions?


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    A unicorn ostensibly is a rare, mythical beast. So as it applies to the game terminology, it's basically saying a rare, perfect combination, in this case, of traits.

    A nice, simple graphic courtesy of @Rohlikzauchem :

    For you specifically:

    Hunter; Revenge and Ruthless is generally preferred over Dodge and Iron Skin (at high levels, your hunters are basically going into 1-hit struggles regardless).
    Assault; Is pretty good. If you reach the 80% DR cap with badges alone, you can reroll Iron Skin for another trait.
    Shooter; Same setup as Hunter--Ruthless, Revenge, Lucky, Marksman, and maybe Critical Aim or conditional damage trait.

    Much of the equipment could have better traits as well.
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    These are your unicorns. As this terms began to be used in late 2016 or early 2017.
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    The DoomSlayer interesting you think full offense still holds "unicorn" status for assaults?


    I've got to 8-star assaults, one offense and one defense.

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    That was my regular survivor Assaults but the cake goes to Abe/Rufus to hold it down as my two defensive assaults that are my go to.
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