Should I progress fast or slow?

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Council level 17 here. my farms and whatnot are level 8ish and I'm still playing ok in challenges. Should I max my buildings and get all my survivors up to the highest lvl before moving to the next or just the few that I actively use? If I wait to do so, it will set me back a few weeks even with tomato mondays.

it will take me a lot of XP to get them all up to the same level and I don't have a whole lot of XP. Also, I'm trying to skip odd survivor levels to save time and xp, is this a good idea? What level of survivor would be ideal for playing before 27?

please advise, many thanks!


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    Everyone plays differently and it depends on if you're in a rush to become an end game player. I personally maxed all my buildings before upgrading my council. Skipping a survivor level is a good idea i think but takes a lot of XP. What I did often was wait for the 5 sec upgrade event than buy a double xp or gas booster and grind grind grind! Do what you enjoy and have fun though, thats whats important!
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    My findings:

    1. Your difficulty in GW, Challenges and Season mission is based on the average level of your top 3 highest level survivors (in Challenges this is used to pick the level you start, before using "round passes", and I believe it stops getting harder once you reach lvl 23 or something).
    2. Your profile level gets higher as you upgrade buildings and get building points. The level of equipment from crates that you get in Challenges or buy from the trade goods store is based on your profile level, so you may want to keep this high in order not to get crap weapons
    3. You can get enough XP without ever playing XP scavenging missions, but unless you scavenge for supplies (tomatoes) you'll progress very slowly.
    4. Yes. It's faster to skip levels and upgrade weapons and armor for +2 levels. Then get your A-team to that level first, then maybe the B-team if you need them. There's no need to max your buildings and/or survivors you don't use much. If you level up in one weeks time instead of now, this means for a week missions will give you less supplies/XP or lower level weapons.

    These are what I base my leveling strategy on, but I can't say my strategy is "better" than anyone else's.
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