Bigger Map Area and Threat Counter Indication?

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Not sure if this has been posted before but are there any plans to increase/change the standard map size?

A larger/changed map size will:

- increase the number of obstacles like blocks, paths, gates, enemies etc
- provide additional objectives within each map
- allow flexibility in movement, for example, in the Distance, instead of moving left to right always, heroes move from bottom to top
- allow players to plan and strategise the path of least resistance
- lengthens slightly the duration of playing each mission because some players wants more planning

This list is not exhaustive. Hope to hear the opinions from the devs and other players as well. Thank you.

*The threat counter suggestion is in the next post.



  • ThunderstormThunderstorm Member Posts: 89
    Whenever we enter a mission, there is no indication of whether the threat counter is on or off. I know that when a mission objective is "kill all walkers", there is no threat counter. However, this is not so for the other missions especially in the Distance.

    It's good to inform players whether the threat counter is on or off before each mission for better preparedness. Any chance of adding this info before each mission? You can insert it together with the 'difficulty info' and 'special infected info' before one presses the 'Start Mission' button. Just a suggestion.

    Thank you.
  • IcePeterIcePeter Member Posts: 376
    I’d support that. Huge difference between progressive spawn and constant spawn after the second move strategy-wise. Of course some do both. That would also let us know if no walkers in a Freemen-only map.
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