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Not sure if these have been suggested but here goes.....

Current Scenario:
We have a Craftsman building which can craft badges, but we don't have any building to craft weapon or armor. Also, the amount of experience gained from scrapping weapons/armors is really insignificant. So....

Suggested Ideas:
1. Have a new Workshop building to 'strip' the unwanted existing weapons/armors and craft new random weapons or armors (of your choice of grade).

2. As a result of the above, allow players to spend Gold to increase both the max quantity of weapon/armor in Main Equipment List and scrap parts in the Storage (explained below).

How To Go About Doing This?

Firstly, you need to 'scrap' the weapons/armors from the Main Equipment List. They no longer give Experience Points. Instead, these items will be stored in a Storage, removed of its class but retain its grade. Think of it as scrap parts of different grade.

Then, click on the new Workshop building and select the tab called 'Crafting'. See diagram below.

(The diagram is just an example)

Choose a Grade and select the number of items to be crafted in that grade. You can select more than 1 item for each grade, provided you have sufficient quantity of scrap parts and tomatoes. Of course, there will be a formula list as to how many parts required for each item to be crafted. You need tomatoes to craft, just like crafting badges.

Once that is done, click on the button 'Craft'. The building will craft new random item/s of your grade choice. The new item/s can be weapon or armor of any class but it is of your choice of grade. These new items will be automatically placed into your Main List.

You can view the amount of scrap parts in the tab called 'Storage'.


1. Is it difficult to program?
In my opinion, not really because the programming is quite similar to the Craftsman building and crafting badges. It's a matter of priority, effort and server space.

2. Surely players will craft Legendary items instead of Uncommon ones. What's the need for the Epic, Rare and Uncommon buttons for?
Remember the formula list? In the list, Legendary items can only be crafted from Legendary and Epic scrap parts only. Epic items can only be crafted from Epic and Rare scrap parts only and so on.

3. Is the amount of tomatoes fixed for each crafting?
I hope so but if it's not, then it has to depend on the number of items crafted and the type of grade.

@Fluxxx or anyone, please feel free to comment. Thank you.


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