Reduce Boundary Size of "Your turn", "WALKERS TURN" etc

ThunderstormThunderstorm Member Posts: 89
edited May 2020 in Suggestions & Ideas
Is it necessary to have such a big sign to inform players that it's their turn or the walkers' turn? It is very distracting when it pops in and out. Any chance that the size be reduced to be similar to "End turn" and relocated not near the center (preferably at top center next to "Go to Exit"? Players can still see with a small sign and would know if its their turn after playing a few hours. There's no need for that big a sign.

Also, the "End turn" button is poorly positioned. When my survivor is located behind the button, I find it hard to drag him. Often times, I clicked on the "End turn" button (sigh with big fingers). I tried panning the map left, right, top and bottom but to no avail because the map is small. Any chance of relocating this to the bottom corner please? Thank you.

P.S. - Just curious, NG, why the difference in CAPS for "WALKERS TURN"?

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