fire + grenade damage calculator

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Hi, I made a sheet for the exact numbers of normal fire damage, fire damage during the upcoming open fire event and for grenades (for maxed players). Dropdown menu, select your walker level from 33-50 and it shows you the exact numbers of the damage that will be done by fire or grenades and the left hp of the walker. The rest is self explaining by looking at the text. Hope it helps anyone to decide your next burn will be enough :smile: (... and don't forget grenade damage is only correct for maxed players with level 27 survivor, for the rest it is a bit off because the flat damage added is different from level to level).

Add.: On your mobile phone you need the google table app, on desktop you need nothing.

+edited .. only numbers for the fire damage, on normal, event and grenade dmg. No left HP, it makes no sense since you have different HP after each turn. Not thought about that. cheers


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