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We have found the problem causing our GW matchmaking to match guilds together despite varying participant numbers.
The fix has now been pushed out, so matchmaking should be as normal starting tomorrow (Wednesday 13th of May), however there is one caveat:

In order to ensure that the fix applies to your battles: For each battle you need to have at least 1 participant re-register (i.e. withdraw from the battle and sign up again) OR have a new participant sign up.

Essentially, there should be at least one new registration for each battle from the time the fix was implemented (May 12th, 12:30PM UTC) in order for the matchmaking to work correctly for the battles of this war.

Here's how the intended matchmaking works (available to view in in-game FAQs):

1. Matchmaking will prioritize finding you a match with the same number of participants in the same tier.

2. If a guild with the same number of participants isn't found in your tier, the search will be expanded to look for a guild with ±1 participants.

3. If the matchmaking still fails to find you an opponent, the search will look for an opponent in the tier below. Since in this case your guild would be matched against a lower tier guild, the opponent can have up to 2 more participants than your team.
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