New leader trait idea for Negan

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I’ve been thinking about new leader traits for those who have bad ones and came up with an idea for Negan’s leader trait.

Leader trait: Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

Description: Every turn, Negan marks 3 ennemies as “IT” for 1 turn. Negan’s attacks deal + X% weapon damage and are X% less likely to result in body shots when attacking those who are “IT”.
As a leader, each member of your team deal +X% weapon damage to those who are “IT”.

Those who are “IT” would have a baseball bat icon above their heads.

Edit: The idea with this trait is that since those who are “IT” are random, the values of the damage increase and the reduced likelihood of body shots would be high enough that players would actively look to attack them if they can and they could rely more on Negan’s ability to stun. Also, even though those who are “IT” are random, you could still have an idea of who’s gonna be “IT” the next turn since ennemies can’t be “IT” 2 turns in a row. So if on the first turn the 3 ennemies who are “IT” are far from your heroes, the next turn chances are they’ll be closer.


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    I think it should still be “Survival Instinct” but what it does is it will break struggle and retaliate with a 25% less likelihood of body shot. But no matter what he needs a rework as he is as useless as a random toon now.
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    I’d love to see Negan’s LT changed to this @Fluxxx
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    That's a very cool idea @JordanYuki , we'll definitely bring it in to our discussions :) Thanks!
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