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Long range melee weapons like spears or forks have a huge stopping power as history teaches us. Think about greek hoplites or medieval spearmen, infantry departments capable to stop a heavy cavalry charge. That said, I think it's time to think about a spear or something similar with interrupt, cause that trait represent exactly what I'm talking about. We can find it useful against special walkers a lot 'heavier' than regular ones, like fatties, goos and spiked. I'd say that a certain % of interrupt should be fixed on that kind of weapons, and I honestly think that it would be a bit OP but also way more logical and historically accurate than other weapons. Actually, considering the tactical spear, assuming a fixed x% of interrupt, you would take fully advantage only against special non stunnable walkers when you can no longer back off and repeat.
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    We do use normal weapons found in game with interrupt trait for specific situations you mentioned, and yeah spear can be even better, but i don't think it's OP at all because interrupt only works if razor works.

    Still i am sure they can sell it like Interrupt-Razor-Destructive weapon.
    There will be interested customers. :)

    Good to see you interested in game again @Trickster :)
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    Well I can't even think to play with a non-tactical spear 😆, so my post was focused on justify the innate interrupt power of pole weapons with solid arguments. Talking about bow, the boundary of two special features (and what features!) was broken, then interrupt should be a built-in trait like a lot of other weapons. That is the only reason why I'd consider it a little OP, however less than bow: nobody uses other shooter weapons anymore, unless very special cases. It's less effective than a scout weapon just because how this game evolved. Beside that, hey, with a grenade you can easily deal 300k damage so..
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    Interesting idea! Might tempt me into opening my wallet for some situations where it would be needed. You can already use the spear on overwatch or use tactical to attack from distance but eventually you run out of room on some maps.

    My only issue is that I really like tactical and would hate to lose it.
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    Yeah but you don't need tactical when you are going to use overwatch and interrupt :) It's a situational weapon against tanks and need gold destructive for sure to be effective when their health is big .

    I would rather built-in something like - if interrupt work you get charge point. :# Don't know if that would be too OP though :#
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    You need interrupt to avoid getting hit using 1-space weapons, but over watching an extra space back serves that purpose with a spear. I’m a “no” vote.
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    Yeah I also don't really see the point. When staying away 4 steps you hit on overwatch when the walker finishes its movement, so you wouldn't benefit from interrupt even if it did trigger. And if you are cornered and the walker can reach you, would would probably hit it on your turn to get max damage, in which case you also wouldn't benefit of interrupt.
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    This wouldn't be a game changer for sure. Not the purpose of my post. It would be a little add on one of the most used weapons, useful in certain circumstances. If you can't imagine those, I think that int. spear would be useless to you anyway.
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    Ok I guess it could be useful on maps like BBQ. Have 2 scouts with interrupt spear and 1 bruiser with a interrupt bat. If you get approached by one tank and each of your guys gets to try and interrupt (assuming gold interrupt), you would have a 83% chance of the tank getting interrupted, which is pretty good. So yeah, maybe there is something to this.
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    I think it'd be great, it'd help even in regular zombie, when you have bruiser in front of scout and if his bat doesn't stun then scout has a chance to interrupt from behind.
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    Maybe but in normal cases you would like to hit on your turn as it makes much more damage and also that way you can hit several targets. Plus prowl / herd.
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