Challenges - Skip to higher levels to progress faster ??

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I play my challenges by repeating them level by level untill I reach the level that I can't finish (but still manage to play 1 or 2 maps with one star).

Is there any other way to get there without losing out on stars that I could have won? How does it work if I skipped to the suggested level - will I still reach the stars that I would have reached If I had played each level one by one? I have never skipped and played the whole set of challenges. So I have actually no idea if on the end of the challenge I would get all the stars that I would have gotten.

How is your strategy? How do advanced player play the challenge?

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  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Posts: 555
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    Yes, use the master mission when possible.

    The stars you get from the master mission is put on each of the missions.

    So you can do the master mission, and get 2 stars from it. In that case all missions now have 2 stars. You could then continue to the next round (and lose 6 stars, i.e. one from each mission), or replay the master mission in the hope of getting 3 stars (and then continue without any lost stars) or replay one or many of the regular missions to improve them from 2 to 3 stars.

    Top players will only play master missions at the start (until they become so difficult that it's hard to get 3 stars from them), and then switch to playing the normal missions for a while. Also at this point they will play such master missions where they still can get 3 stars (usually there is one or more "easy" missions so play the MM when that one is the master mission). And at the late stages again skip back to master missions, as getting to the next round even with 1 star is better than playing through all the missions only to earn a few stars more. To really optimise you could still play the easy missions separately to get a couple of more stars also then.
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  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Posts: 555
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    Ok it’s not that complicated, but I made a video for your convenience. Here I got 2 stars from the Master Mission. I then click on “Back” to return to the mission screen. You can now see that each mission has been awarded 2 stars. So had I played each individual mission separately and got 2 stars from each, the result woukd be exactly the same. I can now either decide to replay the master mission, any of the individual missions, or continue to the next round by clicking on the chest button in the upper right corner.

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    thank you guys for all your answers and help. I admit, it took me quite some time to see through the "system" of a challenge game. though, it's actually not that much of a big deal 🙉 thanks for your patience.

    @Burmeliinis thanks for the video, it IS simple after all, obviousely I needed something like a first grade school lesson to understand 👍🏼😅


  • ShaxShax Member Posts: 42
    @Burmeliinis ok, I must have misunderstood something - so started the challenge, went straight to the MM, played it, got to the next round, played the MM again, got to the next round..
    1 played the MM 3 times, but got only 220(?) stars of it :-/
    then I went back to the missions and played them 2 more rounds. I am far from the stars that I would have earned at that point (I think). I can do 2 more normal rounds because the MM is way to high for me now. but I highly doubt that I could do 350 stars in 2 rounds.

    what did I get wrong ☹️??
  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 555
    Not sure I fully understood you. But let’s say you got some round passes from last challenge. And let’s assume you start at lvl 25.

    Getting 3 stars from the master mission would net you 36 points (6 missions times 3 stars times double points from round pass) plus 50 (25 x 2 from round pass) so in total 50+36= 86 points.

    The next round maybe you advance to lvl 26 so a 3 starred MM mission would now get you 36+52=88 points.

    And maybe on the third round you don’t have double points anymore so then you would get 18+26=44 points.

    Doing a master mission is like doing all missions at once. It’s quicker, saves gas, but is harder as it’s a more difficult level. But score is according to the round main level.
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  • ShaxShax Member Posts: 42
    thanks, maybe I didn't understand the game -
    so challenge missions are 6 missions. at the end of every round I receive all the points and advance one level each time. normally I play every mission with 3 stars and in the end of each round I'll gain...150(?) stars. I play from level 21-28ish

    when I played the MM, the challenge missions started at level 21, but the master mission was level 24.
    I didn't play any of the challenge missions (maybe this was my mistake) but went right to the MM level 24. I won with 3 stars and got to the next round. which was lvl 22 for the missions. here again, I skipped the challenge missions and went straight to the MM which was lvl 25 this time. I didn't get all 3 stars (I think) but still got to the next round...every time I played the MM I didn't play any of the 6 challenge missions. and I also couldn't go back because I have already advanced one level each time.

    when I stopped skipping to the MM I was already lvl 26 in my challenge rounds. till then I had only 220 stars. i continued playing the challenge missions from level 26-28ish. alltogether I have won about 750 stars in this mission.

    had I played all challenge missions from level 21-28ish one by one I would have gotten 890-900 stars like I always do.

    So now I am wondering - what did I misunderstand that made me lose lose on challenge stars...
  • RohlikzauchemRohlikzauchem Member Posts: 34
    Each Master Mission is one of the 6-set. They go one by one. U can number them as 1-6 (top left - > top right, then bottom left - > bottom rhight). Every time u earn less stars on MM then intended, then u can press "BACK" instead of "NEXT" button and replay Skip Mission(MM) again. Or improve stars counts for single missions, based on your decision.

    I believe u earn less stars this challenge due to skipping 2 starred Master Missions instead of replaying them to 3 stars. While u r in early challenge and getting double stars, then 2 starring MM make u lose 12 stars in total.
  • ShaxShax Member Posts: 42
    see I knew it that there was something I misunderstood. thanks a lot for the explanation!

    so the mm are 6 each round, not only one each round?
  • TJCartTJCart Member Posts: 412
    > @Shax said:
    > so the mm are 6 each round, not only one each round?

    No. There is only one master mission for each round. When you complete it, the star rating that you get on that mission is applied to the other six normal missions. So if you three-star it, you will have a perfect score for the round from all missions. But if you don’t, like say only get a two star on it, then all the other missions will have a two star rating. At that point you’ll either have to replay the master mission for that round or each individual mission if you want to raise them to three stars before you go to the next round.
  • ShaxShax Member Posts: 42
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    @TJCart thanks

    Did I get it right if I'd say - to get the most stars possible - I start the challenge, play 5 missions with 3 stars. but not the last one because I would automatically get to next round and I still want to play the first mm. so I play the mm last. and make sure I 3 star it.

    after playing the mm successfully I would do the same thing the next round.

    does it make any sense?
  • BillbamBillbam Member Posts: 837
    You can only get 18 stars max 3* x 6 maps (not counting the round pass 2x,) doesn't matter if you do each map or a MM.
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